Giving Thanks


The “art” of writing a letter seems to be lost on this generation. Personally I send a few letters every Monday; one to grandma and a couple to a few letter writing friends. I know I don’t use “proper” letter form but I use the basics. I’m not sure many people know a “proper” form these days.

I enjoy hand written notes and I save every one I get. Ever since I moved away for college grandma has written me at least one letter a week and I the same. That’s been ten years now, enough to need a large tote to keep them all. I haven’t gone through and reread them yet some day I will. For now I greedily hoard every one she sends because I know all good things must end at some time.

A young man in the army stationed in Germany was able to call home briefly and informed his mother that he loved the hand written letters that were sent. “Email is great because it’s instant, but a letter that was handled by you is worth the wait.”  It’s something that can be carried with you and reread at any moment. Living such a distance from loved ones having the simple envelope to have and hold is like having a piece of home with you.

Technology is great but nothing like doing things by hand. Who am I kidding I hate technology. I’d do anything to be a homesteader a hundred years ago, preferably in Montana then. We can discuss that later. Email just seems so informal, so lazy maybe or maybe impersonal is more what I am thinking of. Either way it’s missing something. (Usually proper grammar and spelling.)

With Christmas coming to a close thank you notes are on the “to do” list. Today thank you notes are a thing of the past as well these days. If it’s not a wedding or graduation thank you notes are forgotten. (I have to say there are very few thank you notes for such events I have received that have more thought in them as not sending one at all.)

Growing up mom always made us write thank you notes for Christmas, birthdays and any other time we received a gift. Now I write them for things more than material gifts. I have even tried to not send them…I feel so guilty they get sent, usually with an apology for it being late. Yep, I can’t not send them even when I try. I know they just get thrown away (except the ones to grandma) and that’s ok. I just feel better knowing that those who gave me an extra thought know how much I appreciate it.

*The picture above was from a pinterest search and I wasn’t able to follow the link to give credit to the one who took it. Sorry.

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