Cloth for Paper

I’m always looking for little ways to save money and the environment. One of the easiest things I’ve done was removing disposable paper products from the kitchen. It was virtually painless and unnoticeable.

First I did away with paper plates. This was easy, we very rarely used them anyways so there was no need to buy them when we ran out. For eating outside we found some cheap plastic plates so if they get dropped they wont break.

Then was the paper towels. We ran out and I didn’t buy more. My husband still reminds we need more paper towels (it’s been months now). Wash rags do the same job. The really greasy or nasty jobs I have rags from old tee shirts that can be washed and stained or thrown, need be.

Napkins, I had bought in bulk when I had the bakery for an event and had a ton left over. For now we are still using them (it’s been years). I have been stock piling clothes napkins for the day we finally run out of paper ones. Cloth napkins can be bought almost anywhere they sell kitchen towels or you can make your own.

Napkin edgeMaking a napkin is as easy as can be. Cut your piece of fabric into a square. I use a medium weight cotton, preshrunk, with a tight weave. The smallest size I would cut a napkin would be 13″x13″. Once your squares are cut you can serge the edges with a tight stitch setting or fold the edge in twice so the raw seam is hidden and stitch all the way around.

Essentially it’s easy just don’t buy it. Just the same as getting rid of junk food in the cupboard, when it’s gone, don’t replace it. Things like napkins will need some sort of replacements or the kids (and husband) will use their sleeves. I’m ok with a little more laundry but changing shirts after every meal could be a bit much.

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