Scratch Baby Food

Scratch Baby Food

There’s a few different schools of thought when it comes to feeding a baby. I will explain mine, in doing so I need to say I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or dietitian. Quite simply a mother who is concerned about her family’s and her own health. I do a lot of research to find what will best fit my families needs.

I planned to nurse through the first year because I don’t trust what is put in  formula. This didn’t happen because I had to take some medication (which I don’t agree with either) so I quit and switched to formula. There a multiple studies stating breast milk is better than formula and vise versa. So pick the studies to sway your way. Bottom  line is nutrition. If mom gets adequate nutrition baby will too. If not, formula can be just as good. (This doesn’t make me feel much better about it. But that’s the way it goes)

Now were are ready for starting solid foods. Yay! This, I have been waiting for. We are in the very beginning of the transition so I will start there. As we move forward I will write about the next stage.

I am doing things a little different in today’s standards. We are not going the cereal route. I find no real good in it. We don’t eat white starches (aside from the occasional potatoes), such as white rice, white flour and refined sugars. By reading the ingredient list on the baby cereal box it may look relatively harmless. Going deeper into how the body digests these food it looks a little different. In the most basic terms, the body turns these starches and carbohydrates into sugar before absorbing. So a bastardization would be baby cereal is more sugar then nutrition. Have you ever had a stack of pancakes with lots of syrup and orange juice for breakfast? Did you notice that that day you craved more sugary foods? How about the day you had bacon and eggs for breakfast? Less sugar cravings that day? I bet if you kept track you would see the pattern. For this reason I don’t want to start the little Mister on cereal.

Again I don’t plan to buy baby food. I don’t feel you get what you pay for. The finished product of store bought baby food is almost void of nutrients, not to mention your can guarantee the quality of ingredients they started with. Have you ever tasted baby food? It’s not good. If you wouldn’t eat it why would you feed it to your children?

Making baby food is just as easy as taking a bit of what you made for yourself and pureeing it. Of course, this again assumes you are eating a highly nutritious diet as well.

Baby’s digestive system isn’t fully developed until 28 months. So you need to be somewhat careful what you feed them and when. Starting at about 6 months (give or take) your baby is ready for some “real” food.

They are able to easily digest fats and protein at this stage. Mothers milk is usually about 50-60% fat. This is a good thing fats are very necessary in baby’s development. Coconut, olive oil, butter and animal fats are best. Have you ever seen a vegetable with natural oil aside from olive and coconut? The process in which producers turn canola and vegetables to oil is not good. In fact, additives are used because the raw product smells rancid. I don’t see how that’s good for anyone.

Protein is a huge part of baby’s nutrition too. This is highest and most easily absorbed in the form of egg yolks and organ meats, liver especially.

I know what your thinking, I wouldn’t eat soft egg yolks and liver so why should I feed my baby this?! Quite simply, nutrition again and whole foods. A diet of all natural foods (what we all should be eating) is so much healthier and easier for our system. Our bodies know what to do with whole foods, and tends to store and/or have a very hard time breaking down processed foods.

So for now we have a soft poached egg yolk, (be sure it’s only the yolk as the white can cause irritation) topped with a pinch of finely grated liver, fresh butter and a tiny bit of salt. Yes salt is also very important in the development of baby too. Homemade apple sauce, papaya and avocado are eaten eagerly. Sweet Potatoes and squash are a favorite too.

I portion servings by the “ice cube” or shot glass. Yes, I know a shot glass may not be deemed appropriate by some but he’s got no clue and it’s the perfect size. Start small. We started with an egg yolk. The next week we added a half shot glass of apple sauce. The following was the yolk and a full shot glass. Now we are having the egg and full shot in the morning and a full shot in the afternoon. Once he eats his “real” food, I then give him a bottle to fill up the rest of the way on. I don’t want the little guy malnourished or hungry.

Keep in mind it can take at least 10 times of trying something new for a person to develop a “taste” for it. The reason a lot of adults don’t like certain foods; they try it once, maybe twice and “I don’t like that”. It takes time.

Another thing to think about when starting your little one on “real” food, only introduce one food at a time. Feed the one food for about 4 days. In the rare instance they have a bad reaction (constipation, diarrhea, rash etc.) you will know exactly which food it was.

I’m not going to give you recipes for baby food. I don’t find them necessary. If you are thoughtful about what nutrition is received from what food, and take things slowly it’s not rocket science. If your not sure or not comfortable with the idea then do what you find is best for yours. Not everyone is the same and what works great for us may not for you. We all have the same goal; Happy Healthy Children.

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