LemonGrass Lotion Bars

It’s the middle of what seems to be a never ending cold spell this winter. The fire crackles away and here we sit…ok so I can’t just sit still. Winter air is always dry and with the wood stove in the house it seems worse this year.

I made some awesome lotion bars to pass some time. I don’t like how greasy my hands feel after using regular hand lotion, to the point that I look like a fool only rubbing the backs of my hands together to rub in the lotion. Greasy fingers drive me nuts. The lotion bars I can use on both sides of my hands (Yay!) because it soaks in quickly and doesn’t give me greasy fingers (or sticky feeling like some bars I’ve tried). I can rub some extra on my cracked knuckles without looking like a fool! (another Yay!)

Lotion Bar

I have a few available for sale in my Country Market if you want to give them a try.

*Prices include shipping;

**If your lucky enough to live in the Bemidji and can get me to come to town I can take the shipping cost off (if you live in town contact me directly, ordering online will charge shipping.

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