Herbs & Spice & Everything Nice

Do you know the diference between herbs and spices? They seem to be one in the same and right? Well, kinda… A spice is defined as always dried parts of the aromatic plants- root, stem, bark, leaf, seed and flower. Spices are generally a tropically grown plant. Herbs on the other hand are grown in cooler climates and can be used fresh or dried.

Living in the north makes it rather difficult to grown the tropical spices that I would like. For now I settle for trying my best indoors, which hasn’t worked the best either. I’ve been trying to get my cardamom to go for a while now. Our house is too cold. I even keep the little guy by the wood stove! I still have hope though. Someday I will have my “Little Mexico” (my year round, tropical greenhouse). Until then we can talk herbs…

The variety of herbs is absolutely amazing. There are a million different varieties and each with their own flavors, scent and uses. Growing your own herbs is so much fun and can take as much or as little room as you like.

I like everything organized and categorized and this over flows into my gardening sometimes. I have multiple herb beds planned, one for cooking, one for tea and one for healing.

Even though all the plants are herbs they do require different amounts of sun, water and soil, taking care when planning your herb garden will go a long way. This year we have a ton of work to do around here, putting in a new vegetable garden, new fencing, new chicken coop etc.. So all my herbs will be put into one of the beds that is already here. This will give me a chance to see the sun pattern and figure out where the best placement for each bed will be.

I’m working with a two level square bed, that’s  outlined with railroad ties. In the years to come the ties will need to be restacked or removed. For the this year I’m just going to go with. I have planned a few kitchen herbs in this bed and a few in the vegetable garden. The comfrey will be planted elsewhere as I do not want to have to transplant that. Once the herbs are in the ground I will then fill in  with edible flowers and some lettuces too!

Herb garden

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