God & Guns

My uncle recently shared this picture on facebook and it got me thinking.

guns and bibles

We grew up with guns and bibles in the house. We were taught from the very beginning how to use both. We knew the guns were not to be touched when we were very young. Then we were allowed to shoot cans in the yard with the bb gun and pellet gun. All the while dad was there with us, guiding us and teaching us. He was there showing how to handle the gun safely, how to aim, shoot and clean the gun when we were done. We were taught to respect the gun and that it was a tool not a weapon. It was used to put food on the table with the occasional trap shoot too.

Gun lessons with dad were no different than cooking lessons with mom. She would guide us around the kitchen, teaching how to safely handle hot pots and pans. How to care for sharp knives. Again we were learning respect.

When we were of school age our education continued  both at home and school. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance every morning right after morning prayer…yes prayer at school. I know it’s crazy!

I know that not everyone had parents like mine; those that made the time, had the knowledge or the thought to teach their children. This is why they had to have classes such as home economics, shop and gun safety. So when did guns all of a sudden become unsafe to teach in school…right about the time bibles and God was removed from the system. Shortly there after the rise in  school violence and bullying began to rise. Huh. What do you think of that.

It may not have been the thought of teaching about God and guns in school that kept everyone “in line” if you will but more the lessons that were learned from them. When guns were removed from schools they were then viewed as a weapon no longer a tool. They were treated with fear rather than respect. Which then led to a few misguided people that made the connection “people respect guns, if I have a gun they will respect me”. The problem with this thought is that it’s not respect any more it fear and fear accomplishes next to nothing except propagating more fear and less education of the truth.

Removing God from the public and not just the schools has done no foreseeable good either. Everyone may not believe all the same details outlining the individual religions but there is common ground…God and respect. Each religion has some form of God. Each teaches the same principals to live a respectable life.  Yes, there are some strict guidelines set that are to be followed that pose great barriers between people. This is where the “live and let live” philosophy has failed where it could have worked to advantage. A little tolerance and acceptance could go a very long way, rather than ignorance. Looking the other direction, thinking someone’s actions don’t affect you is ignorance. You may not be affected immediately or directly but you will be affected.

Long story short I think they should again teach gun safety in school and again pray in school and we live in America so the Pledge of Allegiance should be said at the start of every day.

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  1. When I was in school, all 7th (or maybe 8th) graders had to take hunters safety education in shop class. So, we learned all about guns, etc. The final test? The teacher brought a shotgun into the class and we each had to go into the other room with him two at a time and tell him the parts of the gun, show him how to use it safely, etc. I suppose they don’t do that now.