Making Seed Tape

Seed tapes are a some what time consuming process but for me well worth it. If a get a packet of 500 carrot seeds I plan to have 500 (or so) carrots. What in the world I would do with them is a whole other deal, since I plant at least 5 different colors. But I really have a hard time thinning my plants. I know how, I understand why it must be done but I still have a hard time “wasting” them. So I make seed tapes. Slightly crazy, I know.

seed tape

You need:
Pastry bag (a zip lock bag should work too)

First cut you newspaper into strips about an 1 wide or so. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
In a small bowl make a paste of flour and water; I used roughly equal amounts of both. Put the paste in the pastry bag.
Pipe small dots of paste onto the strips of paper, spaced according to the space between plants you want.
In each dot place 1-2 seeds. Once the paste dries the seed tape can be rolled or stored flat until planting time.
To plant, simply lay the seed tape where you want your row and dust lightly with soil. Water as you would any fresh seed and watch the plants grow!

There’s no plant thinning to do so you have more time to pull weeds! Yay!

seed tape

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