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WildFlower FarmAs with everything in life, trust in God’s plan and everything will fall into place just as it should. –  This was my closing statement in a previous post, but it is very true. More often than not I’m off and running, praying that everything goes my way and not thinking twice about it. Things need to go as I plan…right? No.

Very rarely do things go just as I planned. Years ago I found this extremely frustrating. I like spontaneous happenings, trips events and such. I have a way of changing plans mid-stride at times. But it doesn’t matter the direction I am going, I am going that way full steam ahead. So when I hit a “road block” I would get quite upset.

It took a great deal of time but in the last few years I have learned to let go of almost everything in a sense. I still go full bore in whatever direction that I decide to go but now when I hit  a road closed sign I take a deep breath and wait. Of course, not patiently all the time, I always have a “plan b” to work on until the right path shows it self.

I say the Our Father daily. In it is the phrase “Give us this day, our daily bread.” I have this etched into the side of our dining room table and some days could use it tattooed on my arm. It is a great reminder that I only need enough to get through today. Tomorrow will take care of itself and yesterday can’t be helped anymore. There is a great post about this on that I read a long time ago and she nailed it perfectly. Take some time to check out her site and search her archives for it. It will be well worth your time.

Then there’s  the line “thy will be done”. That should be an obvious one too. I say it every day but it doesn’t always register that that is what I am saying. Thy will be done, not my will be done.

It wasn’t one great moment that got me to this point either, it was a whole bunch of little ones. I then had to stop, which is hard because I’m pretty sure most days I run on perpetual motion spurred by coffee, but I had to stop briefly and look back. When I did, I saw something truly amazing. My stars did line up.

This is what I saw and continue to see:

When I am in need of something, it will appear. I mean really in need, not “oh that would be nice” but more “how am I ever going to pay that bill ?!”. I’m not one to waste anything, and I always try to “make do or do without”. I don’t shop frivolously (with the exception of groceries- I get a little carried away in the fruit department and the cheese table sometimes, but it’s not “junk” anyways). I also don’t ask for help. I know when someone is in need I am more that willing to help in whatever way I can, but I have a very hard time accepting the same generosity. A simple prayer and a deep breath and I know that one way or another it will work out.

When something was meant to be it was, and is. It’s hard to explain the feeling but think of it as a sense of calm and or peace. I could be standing in a whirlwind of everything in life but when things are as they are supposed to be, there is this calm anyway. Peace in chaos is possible, I don’t recommend living in chaos in search of peace though.

WildFlower FarmGod helps those who help themselves. You can’t pray for help and not do anything further. You need to do your part too. If you actively try to help yourself and even better, others, you will see return. If you sit on the porch and wait for something to drop out of the sky your either going to be waiting a long time or be cleaning bird shit off your forehead. It may feel like you are working your fingers bloody and seeing no results but be patient and they will come. In the mean time, even though you feel overwhelmed with your own happenings, taking time to help someone else will give you a refreshing wave that can help you continue your own work.

Good things come to those who wait. We’ve all heard this before and I still have a hard time believing it. If I want a “good thing” I work that much harder because I generally want it now. (I never said I was completely over it yet) I know this is true at least sometimes. For over a year my husband and I had talked about moving to my hometown. We knew that the job market here was scarce and our cost of living was much higher than most jobs here could support. We were also not ready to give up such luxuries like eating out whenever and having a pretty loose budget. So before any move could happen he needed to get a job here. After applying many different places and going through a few interviews he had about had it. Through the whole thing I kept reminding him that when and if we were to move the right one would come along when its time.
It was the last application he was filling out, he said “if I don’t get this job we are not moving, I am not filling out another.” I said ok and that was that. Next thing we know he got the job. We sat down and made a tight budget, figured out what we could live without and off we went.
We looked at one house (he looked at a few without me) and I knew that was it. It was perfect, a little old farmstead, exactly what I wanted, a lake view and walking distance to the access, just what he wanted. We weren’t going to find a better place than that. Some how we were able to get the house, and live (almost) with in our budget.
When it came time for me to work outside the house, I applied for so many jobs and couldn’t seem to even get a rejection call back. Finally I landed a job the was much better that I would have ever dreamed I could get here. (There’s no money to speak of in baking in a small town and that’s my formal schooling, which seemed to be all most looked at, rather than experience.) Once again, I was off and running trying to make things happen.

I have so many more examples of how “things just work out”, but I won’t bore you with them.

Take the time to stop, listen and look at your past. If things are not working out as you want, say an extra prayer and start working in a new direction. Trust that God will provide you with what you need, when you need it and all will be fine. If you don’t have it chances are you don’t need it or at least not yet.

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