Changing of the Seasons

WildFlower FarmThe snow is finally starting to melt, the driveway is a sloppy, muddy, rutted up mess and I love it! Spring is finally starting to show it’s lovely face.

With the changing of seasons comes changing of projects and house work. I thought winter would never end and started knitting another sweater… jokes on me. Now its a mad scramble to finish before the snow is completely gone. The gutter in the dairy side of the barn, froze up over the winter and is now backing up. The old cracked foundation is letting in the melting snow and my yard rakes are froze down. (this forces me to knit for just a short while longer).

I was able to dig out the hoe and cut in a few trenches down the driveway for a some drainage. Hopefully that will help dry things out a little. If it doesn’t I will soon have the truck stuck just north of the barn; the same spot I buried the SUV, hood deep, front to back in a snow drift, and there it will sit.

The flower beds are starting to show and the field is pretty much clear. Everything is still cold and brown but what a wonderful sight. After 7 long months, most of which sub-zero temperatures (without wind chill), any bit of grass, dead or live, I appreciate. A few more warm days and I will be out setting fence posts.

The last of this years firewood in the barn needs to be moved so the foundation can be removed and new supports for the barn can be poured. The boards on the west side of the barn will need to be removed and the addition of the new greenhouse, chicken coop, peacock coop, pig pen, cow stall, tack room and firewood storage can be constructed. Ugh, its going to be a lot of work but I can’t wait to march the animals into their new home.

Once the barn is under way hopefully the ground will be thawed enough to get the tractor in the new garden plot and “a tilling we will go!” There’s trees to cut, fields to burn and the flower beds, oh the flower beds what a mess those are.

I think I will do my best to just clean up the flower beds this year. Next year will be the year to get those into a presentable form.

Bring on spring!


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