A Mid-Summer Update

Wildflowerfarm.orgSummer is a very busy season around here and sitting down to the computer is just not something I like to make time for. On the rainy days I usually have so much house work backed up that that is what needs to be done. Writing is better done in the winter, when I can cozy up to a hot cup of coffee and stay warm by the fire.

So far this summer we have planted the garden, very late. Between the late planting and cool wet weather everything is very behind. Except the weeds, they are doing very well! I did spread a thick layer of straw between the rows and that has helped quite a lot.

The wire around the corral is up and ready for the cows to come home. No, they are not here yet. Like I said things have been busy here and everybody has day jobs too. The husband and my dad have been putting in long hours working up here though.

We were able to get our first cutting of hay baled yesterday. By “we” I mean, the husband, my dad and the neighbor. Unlike everyone else, I have a night job. I was quite disappointed to miss the haying. Aside from allergies, I really enjoy throwing bales. It’s a very satisfying job and at the end of the day feels like a good accomplishment. There will be plenty of other opportunities though.

The chickens are living in the coop! It’s not totally finished yet either. But they have a place to live anyway and seem to enjoy it. Which is good, because Stinks at 2 more guinea hens. I was not happy with her!

The dandelion wine is still happily fermenting as well as a batch of columbine flower wine too!

I’ve been taking stock of the flowers in each bed so next year I will know what I want to keep and move and what can go. There isn’t much but what there is, is a nice variety.

The basement has dried out for now too!

Our fox is back too! He’s pretty cute, but could be a problem with the chickens. I haven’t decided if I should “take care” of him before or after he eats the chickens. I’d like to do it before, on the other hand, I’d like to think the best of him and think he will leave them alone. There are plenty of mice for him to eat instead. We will see about this.

That’s the quick summery of what’s been going on around here.

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