The Fatties

In my update on Wilma I gave our bird count to date. In the count was 5 Fatties- which is now 3. This may sound a bit offensive but these birds are offensive.


My husband and I were in Fleet (a farm supply store here) late this spring. We had just lost a few birds and were walking through to get, something, I’m not sure what. Anyway, they still had a few chicks for sale. We thought why not pick up a couple extra to replace a few that we lost. We took 5 chickens home that day. The next morning, I had discovered those 5 birds had eaten more food, and crapped just as much at the 25 I had in a different box! Then it hit me… I knew exactly what kind of bird we brought home and I was so disappointed! They were Cornish-x. The factory chickens that grow so big so fast that they can barely walk, they can’t reproduce naturally and are disproportionately sized. Exactly the opposite of anything we wanted on the farm.

In my opinion, if an animal can not breed naturally because it is physically incapable it should not be in existence. It’s not survival of the fittest, is animal kingdom Obama Care.
Too many animals have been bred to freakish creatures that are not at all what they used to be. This happened very rapidly after food production went from small family farms to mass produced food for grocery stores. These modern production animals may produce quickly and mass amount but they have lost flavor and in some cases nutrition.

Did you know the first grocery store did open in the US until around 1915? Chain grocery stores in the 1920’s were on the rise but still quite small buildings; comparable to our c-stores today. It wasn’t until 1940 when they really took off. 100 years is all it took to almost completely remove homegrown food from homes and replace it with mass produced, prepackaged foods filled with who knows what.

Anyways, back to the Fatties.

I know we have eaten this breed many times before. They tasted like chicken and we never though twice about it. I am quite particular about the meat I get from the store, my husband, well not so much. He does make an effort for me but if it were just him, it wouldn’t matter which kind he brought home.

We were out cleaning the coop the other day and talking about how gross those birds were. Seriously, all the do is eat and crap, usually at the same time. Both looking at them in disgust and he said “I don’t think I even want to eat those ones. They don’t look healthy compared to the other ones we have.”  I told him they are the same breed we have unknowingly eaten for years.  My uncle has given us a bunch of these and we’ve been more than happy to accept them. They do taste better than those bought in the store and both the ones from him and the ones raised on our farm are raised humanely. Plenty of room, they can go outside as they please, they have clean pens, clean water, and food that isn’t laced with hormones, antibiotics and who knows what else. By all standards they are living a good chicken life and yet they just don’t look edible.

There is one that I do get a chuckle out of. She’s the biggest one out there and every time I go in the pen to do chores she comes barreling at me in a slow motion waddle, her heavy feet pounding the floor. She sounds like a small elephant coming across the room. Too funny. Still doesn’t look like supper though.


Update: We are down to two fatties that will be put in the canner tomorrow.

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