Making “Friends” With the Cows

wildflowerfarm.orgWell, it’s been pretty slow going with the cows.

Last week was Fair Week. Our county fair is the best in the state and better than the ND State Fair. I know, I have been to both. I work at the fair here and this means the only thing that gets done at home is the animals are fed. Nothing else gets done. Dirty laundry piles up on the floor, clean laundry is tossed on the dining room table for later folding and sorting. Nothing gets cleaned or picked up. Those living there are on “fend for yourself” mode; meaning no meals are cooked unless you make it yourself, need laundry? better do that yourself too. As we discussed at the fair, the house is in “Fair Condition” during the week of the fair. All that being said my visits with the cows were very short last week.

This week I have been able to spend more time with them. I walk to pasture with them, and give them a little oats and/or cracked corn as a treat for them. When they are eating the grains it gives me a chance to scratch their heads and get close to them with them getting spooked.

Today I was able to scratch Lucy’s and Louise’s neck, which may not seem like much but I would call it progress.

I have to say, I really have no clue how to go about making friends with a cow; right now I’m treating them like and unbroken horse. Once They are used to being handled by me I think the halter breaking will be a challenge but not too bad. We will see when the time comes, I could be very wrong. The goal is halter broke before the snow comes.

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