Wilma and the Dog


As if Wilma hasn’t been through enough already, well, she got it again.

Wilma was moved from her kennel to a corner in the coop. It isn’t super well lit but she does get a little day light. I have been letting her out to munch the grass and get some fresh air while I do chores in the morning. She needs the sun too; I would think she would get depressed with out it. So there I am, hauling my 5 gallon bucket of water from the hose by the stock tank over to the coop, filling water and feed. I toss some scratch grain into the run and Wilma is gone.

I found her under the coop. The little pile of cracked corn did not bait her out and trying to scoot her out with a broom didn’t work either.

“Well crap!” The fox is back and I can’t get this darn chicken back to safety.

I talked with the cows for a while in hopes she would wander out. She didn’t. I gave up and went back to the house. I had plenty of other things to do than coax a chicken back to the nest.

I went out at 11:30 and she was out. I chased her around the coop before she darted underneath again. Again, I went back to the house to work on whatever I was doing.

12:30 I went back out and saw fresh feathers, the boards that are around the run (they look really tacky but the are temporary) were laying down and the hole in the wire was bent open again.

“And that’s the end of Wilma”

Just to be sure I laid back down on the ground to check under the coop and there she was! The fox got someone else and she was still there! This time I went to the barn and got Mike’s fishing net to catch her as she strolled out from under the coop.

This did not work either.

The poor dogs were itching to get outside all day and by 5 I had had enough. I opened the door and out they ran. The little boy and I went to the coop to see if maybe the ruckus of the dogs would scare her out one end.

It was a while later Mike, little boy and I were sitting in the grass that our lab came walking up all happy with Wilma in his mouth! I was furious! After everything she had been through he decided to giver her a chomp too! That was the last straw for me that day! I was in a bad mood until bed time.

In the light of morning, the chomping may have been a blessing in disguise. The sharp bone that was sticking out of her shoulder from the first attack was now gone. Something I didn’t have the confidence to try to remove. The wound this time around was much cleaner and not nearly as deep.

She is still in confinement and gets her peroxide twice a day. There are no maggots this time around and it appears that her skin will be able to heal over the socket. In the long run, this will be a much better heal for her.

She is one tough bird.


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  1. Oh, poor Wilma. She has been through a lot. We live in town, but we once had a neighbor-chicken named Henny Penny who would wander into the house and wait below the cereal cabinet for a handout of oats. After Henny Penny, there was a rooster. He was also very friendly, and every time we had company, he ran over to say hello. One day, he didn’t show up to meet our guests. I got worried and walked across the street. There he was squaking at me from under the big fir tree, telling on the dog who broke his leg. I picked him up and carried him home, where I put him in a box on the end table while I figured out what to do. I did an Internet search: “How to fix a chicken leg.” The reply: “flour, salt and pepper and hot oil.” Seriously! The neighbor splinted his leg with a popsicle stick…after I ate the popsicle. The rooster moved to a farm and once there, he learned to run very fast on that leg to chase the hens.

    1. That’s great! I can just picture Henny Penny thinking “Hmm, I think it’s time for a snack” and in to the house she goes. Too funny! Ever since my grandma told me a very brief back ground of our farm I had been searching for anything I could find about it. Most of what I have came up with so far has turned into a biography of Dr. Mary; what an amazing women! So I was delighted to find your pages online. If you ever get back to the area again I would love to have you over for pie and coffee and listen to any stories you would like to share.