Fall Flavors Are in the Air

You should smell my house right now. Oh my goodness! The leaves are not quite changing yet and it may not be fall quite yet but it has felt like it the last few days and I couldn’t resist. Fall flavors are my favorite. The heavy, bold flavors that bring a warmth and comfort to the home. The break of summer with it’s light fresh flavors are great, but by the end of the season I am ready for mittens and a warm fire.

Fall Harest GranolaI busted out my Fall Harvest Granola recipe today. I made a batch on this cool morning and the house is filled with the cozy feel of cinnamon, pumpkin and toasty grains. A handful of this on some homemade yogurt with local honey and berries. It’s the perfect transition into fall; the fresh berries and spices.

This afternoon will be my old fashion molasses cookies or maybe molasses cake. Either of which will prolong the fall comforts and both are wonderful with a hot cup of coffee. The molasses cake I make is a rendition of one I found in an old church cookbook. It was good but plain, so I spruced it up a bit and have since convinced myself that it is ok to eat for breakfast with my eggs and bacon. Yes, it is that good.

Now, I thought about posting the recipes for these so you can share in this wonderfulness but you’re going to have to wait. They have earned a spot in my cookbook that, if everything works out, will be done and available in time for Christmas. It has been a long process perfecting recipes that I have always made with the measurements of “about that much”, “a good handful” and “until it looks right”. Once the measurements have been translated into something more universal like cups and tablespoons a photo must be taken too. The recipes are great the photography… well I don’t claim to be a photographer but I am doing my best.

I will keep you posted as the publishing date gets closer. It’s available here!!

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