I Kept the Manual


This year my garden was less than successful. It was pitiful really. All the “know how” I have about how to properly prepare a garden plot went right out the window last spring. I am impatient when it comes to planting seeds, usually it turns out ok, but sometimes it’s just a waste of space (and time and energy and money). I put the garden in what used to be a horse corral. The ground is hard packed and filled with deeply rooted nettles and wild raspberries; both of which when tilled, will turn each chopped up piece into yet another plant. It was a loosing battle right out of the gate.

We tilled the ground a couple times with the tractor which worked ok but the threat of unknown rocks kept us from running it deep enough. I tilled with our walk-behind tiller. That about killed me! I had one foot on the ground and one foot on the tiller to push it through the hard packed ground. By the time I was doing the splits it was time to take another step. I went over the whole garden in this fashion…once. It should have been done a few more times but, well, “good enough for this year” I thought. I was not going through that torture again. My poke-a-dot mud boots were caked with muck and my lemon apron was black from me cleaning my hands after digging the mud off the tires.

Seeds were planted and straw put down in a feeble attempt to reduce the weeds. I think at least half the seeds washed away in the rainy spring and a good portion of seed potatoes rotted in the ground too.

I’ve decided our garden is done for the year; after a hand full of green beans, a couple golden beets and one cucumber that looked like a small, green, baseball.


That whole part of the property we want to remove the weeds and rocks, till, smooth and make usable ground for vegetable garden, orchard and lawn. Next year is planned to be the year of landscaping. I have been dreading the tilling.

As I was pulling weeds in the raspberry patch one afternoon I heard a very enthusiastic squeal from the other end of the barn and it wasn’t the little boy. It was my husband. After two years for pushing that heavy, hard to move, rear tine tiller he discovered
Are you flipping kidding me?!! Ahh!

I still get excited just thinking about. Do you know how much easier working the gardens will be?! And how dumb I feel for not figuring that out two years ago?! I kept the manual, I guess I should have read it too.

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