The Church Dinner

wildflowerfarm.orgHave you ever been to a church dinner? Waited in line for what seems like all eternity for some good home cooked ham, beef roast, chicken or combination of? This is always accompanied by mashed potatoes, gravy, canned vegetables, bars, dessert, coleslaw and some sort of fluffy salad that may or may not contain fruit cocktail and jello. The food line is always plenty warm and so is the dining room. The church basement is filled to the max. The church ladies and a few children working feverishly to keep the line moving, the dishes done and tables clean.

While all of this is going on in the basement, upstairs the church pews have been topped with plywood and cover with table clothes. Here resides the church bazar. A great distraction while waiting in line. What is a bazar? you might ask. Let me give you the scoop.

The church bazar is where you can buy homemade, bars, buns cookies, and potica’s. Grandma’s embroidered flour sack towels, embroidered pillow cases and other hand made crafts. Raffle tickets are available to try your chance to win a new gun or the quilt the church lady’s put together the past winter.

Not too long ago, people didn’t venture too far in the long cold winters and a fall festival was held as a  fair well to summer and celebration of that seasons harvest, before everyone hibernates for the winter. Now days the cold doesn’t stop anyone from getting out (unless your battery died).

Non-the-less the fall festivals continue and ’tis the season. For the past couple Sundays and a few to follow we will hop from church to church to have our Sunday Dinner.

Next week is about an hour drive to the small town of Kelliher, MN for a Polka Mass and Chicken Dinner!

Of course there are church dinners held through out the year, most notably Lenten fish fry’s.

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