Good Bye Thomas

It is with a heavy heart that we said good bye to Thomas a short while ago. He had learned that he could fly up to the rail of the outside run and jump down to the outside. He never left the side of the run but neither does Diesel. Those two have had a few encounters before and this last one didn’t end well.

I’m glad that I didn’t see what happened. My husband was kind enough to take care of the bird before I saw. The dog however, I love him dearly, but he may not have been with us today either had I caught him in the act. A chicken or guinea is one thing, Wilma’s best friend is another.

Wilma has always hid under or behind something, usually Thomas. The first few days without him I would go out to check on her and find her tucked behind the waterer or under someone under the roost. The poor dear. If I could bring her in the house to wander I would, but that’s one mess I just can’t justify (and even though there are patterns for chicken diapers, I’m not going there).

Hopefully she will find a new friend or decide to buck up and be a part of the flock.

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