Another Lucy Update

An update for those following Lucy and I’s progress.

For the past week we have been working on walking a few laps around the corral. The first few days she was not very willing to cooperate. The last few days she has been doing much better. Yesterday was the first day we made a complete lap with slack in the rope the whole time. She was walking behind me the whole time too, threw her head a couple times, and had her ears pinned back, which made me a bit nervous. Typically, the ears are back is a “move or I will move you” thought going through the animals head. But a quick prayer and we made the lap just fine.

Today we did even better! She threw her head once or twice and after the first lap, she was walking beside me with slack. I don’t think we are ready to go get the mail together but definitely making progress!

At the beginning of the week we were thinking she might have her calf this week too. But I have been watching her bag and it has yet to fill, which usually happens just before birth, so I think she may still have a little time to go.

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    1. I’ve been watching both. So far not much for progress in that area. It will be the first calf on the farm here. I’m excited. It will be much smaller than the usual angus calves I seen.

      1. Don’t be surprised if she decides to be selfish and hold out until she knows you’re snug in your bed. A lot of these girls have this thing about being alone with the moonlight, for some reason. lol If you know when she was bred, there’s a calculator for determining the due date: that works very good! I compare the dates given there, along with the Moon phases. Usually around the 2nd night after a new moon closest to the due date is when my girls calve, like a timer on a stove!