Grandma’s Towels

I use flour sack towels for everything in my kitchen. Most of what I have my grandma has embroidered. I’m almost convinced they are the reason the bread rises. Every batch of bread I make rises under a towel from grandma. I think it’s the extra “Grandma love” or something. Kinda like how if you ask mom to pray for something you see faster results.

wildflowerfarm.orgI have a very hard time throwing them away even when they are badly stained and torn. I have a few with gaping holes, that will in time, be cut into dust rags or used in place of paper towels for those few messes I just don’t want in the laundry. Before they reach that point they are used to a unrecognizable state.

wildflowerfarm.orgAt my bridal shower I was given lots of linens; towels, wash clothes etc. With these I was given the advice to “use them , don’t put them in a box in the closet and wait for a rainy day”. That is one piece of advice I’m glad I didn’t heed to.

The wash rags in my kitchen are definitely used. They reach a freshly washed, yet stinky, usually frayed and only half there form before they are discarded. It is a quiet highlight in my dish washing, floor scrubbing days that I get to reach to the back of the closet, open a box and pull out a brand spankin’ new dish rag.

The same goes for grandma’s towels. I have a small stash of those and I only take out one new one at a time. Earlier this year she had shown me a set of rooster towels she was working on. Recently I had mention them to my mom, wondering if grandma still had that set or if she put them on the church bazar. She didn’t know. The next day, there they were wrapped in a box and waiting for me! An early birthday gift and what a gift they are. Those are the designated “show” towels. The ones I use when I photograph my baking and what I use to wrap up the baked goods that I bring to work to share. (An old pan is a good sign at a potluck, an old towel just doesn’t have the same effect)


towel2The hand work on these towels are exquisite! Grandma had given me a couple sets to sell at a craft sale I went to. The sale was a bust but the towels sold and everyone that looked them thought they were done by a machine. Her work is that exact and perfect. It makes me not want to use them but at the same time I can’t wait to use them. Like my mom said “it’s more offensive to set it in a box and not use it than it is to wear it out”. She was talking about a quilt with a lot of hand work at the time, but the statement is true for this too.

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