Three Steps Back…

Last Friday morning I went out and did chores as usual. Lucy and I took our walk around the corral and she did really well. Then we left for the weekend and I wasn’t back to the animals until Tuesday. That day was the same day they were introduced to the barn. Both went in with the promise of some grain, but the slightest movement or noise would send them running. The next day I brought the grain into barn again; Wheezy (Louise) saw me coming and went running into the barn and was waiting. She’s very enthusiastic about her grains.


I clipped the rope to Lucy’s halter and tied her loosely to one of the fence rails in there. I had planned to brush her as I usually do. She and Wheezy had other plans that sent me jumping the rails. That’s one nice thing about a wood fence they are much easier to climb (or jump) than a barbed wire or electric fence. I don’t know who spooked first, if it was Lucy when I went to brush her or Wheezy, she’s been just plain jumpy lately. Either way they both took off out the door. I’m sure that was quite a sight, one pregnant cow running out of the barn and the other jumping the fence. Ha! It wasn’t much later they were back for the rest of their treat. I unhooked the rope from Lucy, gave them some hay and called it good for the day.

Thursday the vet came to the farm. At the advice of my uncle, I called the vet they work with to check Lucy’s hooves. They are getting pretty long. Long story short, I tied her to her usual tree, the vet checked her baby and gave her a tentative  due date of the end of November (which I guessed a while ago), and decided it would be best to wait with the pedicure until after the baby was here. It was obvious she was not going to cooperate with him just tied to the tree. That day they again received grain in the barn and again there was no walking, she was just too on edge for it to be safe.

Which brings me to Friday. I feel as though I am starting over with her because we are working in the barn. I tied her to the rail and was able to brush her today. The little boy was out there with me today and was not about to let me get too far away from him, which meant I was not going to get to try walking her again that day. So discouraging.

Then to top off the week of backward progress, I checked the stock tank outside and it had froze over night. Just what I wanted to do that morning right between, cleaning the barn, cleaning the house and stacking firewood in the basement before going to work. Yep, it was that good of a morning. We had planned to make the switch over the weekend to the inside tank, but why wait? right?

I chipped the ice off the water and emptied the tank. The hose that was strung out there already was froze, of course. So I brought out the hose we had got for the winter and my husband and I worked to get the hose from the house into the barn and began to fill the indoor stock tank. That is a thing of beauty. My dad took a tank home and built a box to go around it. Had the box sprayed with insulation, carved it out and put the tank in it. Then covered most of the top with wood to keep more of the heat in. In went the tank heater. It is so nice, the thought of using it as a hot tub might have crossed my mind. Anyways that was filled and the cows were introduced to their new watering hole.

Instulated Stock tank

Saturday I closed to gate to the corral. From now until spring they will have the corral and the barn to wander. I’m afraid they have already eaten the pasture too far down and I don’t want to get any worse or it will be a hard start to get growing next spring. I figured hay from November thru the end of May. There is enough there to get them well into the summer if I guessed correctly. Hopefully I shouldn’t have to worry about feed even if the pastures are slow to start.

Sunday. A day of rest. That’s funny. I have always planned that Sunday would be a rest day, the kind of rest where you visit friends or bake during the football game or have picnics or go fishing. So far the Sunday rest is finish the rest of what didn’t get done throughout the week, before the next weeks list begins.

We will see what tomorrow brings. More excitement I’m sure.

I’m late posting this, so today, Lucy walked a few laps like a champ! Rope slack the whole time and walked beside me the whole time too! Yay!

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