About Moving to the City…

wildflowerfarm.orgI have been debating about sharing this post for quite some time and have decided to share it now. My husband has worked so hard around here over the past year, repairing things, building things and so much more. He really is quite handy and talented. But just like me, he has a run of bad luck every once in a while. I tend to share mine as they come, so here is Mike’s from this summer.

One Friday afternoon my husband was setting a new kill trap for the fox. He wasn’t quite sure how the contraption worked, but found out, however it worked… well… it worked. He came out of the barn calling for me. I started walking over, taking my time, then, I began to run. He had both hands in the “business” end of the trap. We got his hands out. They were swollen, but attached and not broken. He took the rest of the afternoon off. I couldn’t blame him.

I was at work one Saturday shortly after the “trap incident” when my husband called.

“I have the best floor plan for the barn!” I told him.

To which he replied “I was just going to suggest moving back to the city.”


Another bad day with a couple of mishaps. One with the boat and I don’t remember the other. We went out for Mexican and margarita’s for supper that night.

Then, a few weeks later, I’m working at the county fair and he gives me a call. This is nothing out of the ordinary, we will usually check in with each other through out the day, especially if we aren’t going to be seeing one another that day (or week in this case).

The conversation begins again,

“So, about moving back to the city…”

“Now what happened”

“Well, I think I got the electric fence to the head. I was feeding the cows some fresh grass and next thing I knew I was hunched over the fence. I think it made me black out.”

After asking if he was ok, I had a good laugh about it. I’ve gotten bit by a hot wire a time or two but nothing that made me black out. This still makes me laugh. Poor guy, he was sure having a rough streak then.

He is quite a trooper learning the ways of country living and even with the mishaps he is quite skilled and handy. Like I have said many times before, “there is never a dull moment around here.”

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