The Dandelion Wine Has Been Bottled!

Last spring I spent a morning picking dandelions in the front yard and using an old recipe that I wasn’t too sure how correct it really was I made wine. More on the beginning of this can be found in the link above.

I left off with the bottles being fitted with balloons. After that I received a call from my aunt, who knows her wine. She said wine will age better and have better flavor if it is aged in bulk rather than in the bottles. So I jumped on-line and ordered a large cask with the “little burp cork deals”. As soon as it arrived the bottles were emptied and everything was left to age in the cask.


Wine wildflowerfarm.orgAfter months of waiting, not really, I kinda forgot about it, it was finally ready to bottle. There was plenty of sediment on the bottom of the cask. I am not set up with any fancy tools for this job, I did the best I could pouring the wine from the cask into the little funnel for each bottle. Trying not to stir up the sediment at the bottom.

Wine wildflowerfarm.orgIn the end I had nine bottles of wine. I could have gotten at least one or two more but the little boy was ready for a snack and a story and I didn’t want to try to strain the last of the wine just to get a little more. That means this will have turned out really well and I will be kicking myself for not getting every last drop. I will probably have to open the first bottle after the baby comes in February. I will let you know then how it turned out!

UPDATE: It was pretty good. Only about a year shelf life in the bottle before it’s not so good anymore.

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