Elvis is in the Barn!

Saturday I was a poor farmer, I went to work in the morning and did the absolute minimal cow chores that day. I hauled enough water the day before, so I didn’t need to do that. I gave them their daily hay and said hello and that was it. No grain treat, no checking Lucy’s teats. I didn’t even do the daily cow pie clean up. It was bad.

The next morning we had friends over for Sunday brunch. We gave a quick tour of the farm, which is when we noticed the first fluid sack hanging from Lucy. Baby was soon on it’s way. I did a quick barn clean up and put down a good layer of fresh straw. I coaxed Wheezy outside and shut the barn door. This way Lucy could  do her thing without Wheezy nose’n around in the way.

I had a day planned, work on the next step of tanning the deer hide. It was starting to smell and had sat in the crock two days too long as it was. Then hang the deer Mike got the night before and a few other various chores that needed to be done last week.

http://wildflowerfarm.org http://Wildflowerfarm.org

I was out to the barn every half hour or so checking on Lucy, in between working on the hide and such. She was doing good, making progress, still up and around but getting more and more restless. We ran down to my parents house and hung the deer and hurried back to the barn. She was getting more agitated but not quite there yet. So we ran up to my Grandmas and again hurried back to the barn.

We got there just in time. She had just laid down. The birth went perfect. First came the two front toes, a nose and soon after the rest. (Pictured below, the head and front legs are out. No flash=hard to tell what’s going on.)


It’s a boy!

Lucy cleaned him off well and about 45 minutes later he was standing. She got him feeding and from then on he has been a happy little calf. Hopping all over on his wobbly little knees. He’s a tiny little guy. Long legs with a body smaller than our small lab. Just the cutest little guy.


I had planned to name the calf “Little Ricky” because that’s what the little boys name was in “I Love Lucy”. It’s not my favorite show but it seemed fitting. When the calf finally came, I thought maybe just name it 23, as it was born on the 23rd. It would be easier to eat 23 than a “real” name. But that just didn’t seem right either. He will be with us for a while and should have a proper name. For some reason Elvis came to mind (again not a favorite person) and it seemed to fit. So Elvis it is!

Calf- http://wildflowerfarm.org

Welcome to the farm little guy!

As I just finished writing this, I looked out to the kitchen window to the barn, thinking I should get a picture of the little guy now that he is going outside. There he was outside. Outside the fence west of it about 15 yards. Just hanging out.

So I bundled up, grabbed one of the rope halters and headed out to the pasture. There was no trouble catching him or getting the halter on. I should have brought the camera,; boy was he cute in that little halter. He was just fine being handled. He didn’t want to walk with me though. We got a few steps in when I would set him down for a second so I could rest. It didn’t take too long before we were back up to the corral gate. Lucy waiting patiently on the other side. I set Elvis down and opened the gate. As I did this , he crawled through the barbed wire to Lucy.


I could have saved myself a lot of carrying if I’d have known that all I had to do was go the 15 yards to the first fence line and wait for Lucy to come over. Oh well. I’m sure it won’t be the last time he gets out.

On the other hand, it is a great way to start halter breaking him very early. It is also nice to know that Lucy will let me handle him without getting too agitated.

calf http://wildflowerfarm.org

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  1. Wonderful! So happy for you that you landed a girl in your hands that welcomes your handling her babies! We used the combo halter/lead ropes for lambs on Seamus when he was only a few days old. They work perfectly. The only thing you need to watch is the melded area that is near their right eye. If it creeps up to threaten the eye, we found that turning the part that straps over the nose (like you turn a shirt inside out) helps a lot. He’s a cutie!!