Who’s Eating the Eggs?!

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It’s already happening, we have an “egg eater” in the chicken coop. I’m hoping it’s only one of the girls, because an egg eater goes into the soup pot. The question is, who is eating them? I’d hate to ring the wrong neck. The pecked egg is usually in box 4, which is where I tend to find Wilma… I sure hope it’s not her. I like buffalo wings just the same as the next gal and Wilma only has one wing as it is. And, it’s Wilma. We’ve already gone through so much with her. We’ll see I guess.

I’ve been making a couple extra trips to the coop because of this. In part to collect the eggs before they get pecked and to try to figure out who the culprit is.

For now the eggs that have been pecked, just enough to crack but not enough to break the inner membrane are brought in and boiled. They are then turned into ugly pickled eggs. You know, the ones that you hide in the back of the fridge because they peal so horribly and hope that nobody comes over looking for an egg. The ones my husband will pull out of the jar and say “Ooh, what happened to this one?”.

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  1. who’s eggs are they anyways? for whom do the chickens ‘pop them out’? why so glib and comical about killing the chickens you seem to love so much? I found this post disturbing not the least bit funny. and I’m not even Vegan.

    1. I’m sorry you were offended by my light heartedness in this situation. From the beginning we knew the animals we had on the farm were here to provide food, be it eggs, meat or some sort of dairy. We do work very hard to tend our animals with just as much care and compassion as a pet, but in the end they do have a purpose. If we cried every time an animal was butchered or egg was eaten, we would be much too depressed to accomplish anything. Instead we thank God for every animal he allows us to have and every meal that comes to our table.
      Though butchering the meat chickens was a very disheartening and sad time because I did have so much into the care of those birds and spent a fair amount of time with them, I knew their purpose from the beginning. That day was still met with smiles and laughter and a lot of thankfulness.
      We decided before Elvis was born that if the calf was a boy it would be set to butcher when it was grown. We are already very attached to him already. He is the cutest little guy! That doesn’t mean he won’t be eaten later.
      I know where our meals come from. I don’t take a single life for granted. Each meal and every life taken is prefaced by a thankful prayer and understanding. I don’t enjoy butchering but it is a part of life if you eat meat. Therefore sometimes it’s easier to try to be light hearted and thankful in the situation.
      The chicken that is pecking the eggs will be butchered and eaten. I would have a problem just killing the bird and tossing it carelessly in the slough. If we are going to hatch any chicks this bird cannot be in the coop. Broken eggs don’t hatch. I could let it outside, it would then meet a much more gruesome death and that would not be right either.
      No one will be going anywhere until we know for sure who and other options have been exhausted.