Every Barn Needs a Cat

I am not a cat lover by any means. I do however, treat any cat that comes to live with us the same as I do all the other animal. Spoiled. Over the past year my husband and I had discussed getting a barn cat. The barn houses mice and every now and then they make their way to the house. With three dogs in the house, there is no way I will be adding a cat to that parade. We do need something besides traps to cut down on the mice population. I told my husband I wouldn’t say “no” to a barn cat, but that is one animal that I wouldn’t be bringing home. If he wanted a barn cat that would be up to him to find.

As luck would have it, our Saturday mailman had an outside cat that needed a home. Meet Gizzmo. Our new barn cat. (he arrived before Elvis, I’m just a little behind on the introductions)

Barn Cat http://wildflowerfarm.org

As far as cats go, he’s a good one. He’s very friendly and doesn’t rub up on my leg to get pet. Hopefully he’s been taking care of the mice.

So now, every morning when I head to the barn to feed and water the cows, I climb the ladder to the hay loft to feed the cat as well. He came with his own little heated cat house and seems to have adjusted to barn life quite well.

Every barn should have a cat though. They really do serve a good purpose and are pretty self-sufficient and independent creatures. The main task put on the cat is rodent control. Mice in the barn, gophers and moles in the field, they cut down on them all. I hate having mice in the barn. They can be so destructive; chewing wires, destroying insulation or eating animal feed. They can also carry so many diseases. It’s just not good. Then, if they make their way to the house, well that’s just not allowed. Pictured below was my mouse hunting arsenal from last winter when I found a mouse in the house.  Hopefully from now on we won’t have such problems.

mouse hunt-http://wildflowerfarm.org


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