A Quick Barn Update

I have spent the last week and a half trying to paint the kitchen, going from a sea-foam green and wall paper to a warm, buttery yellow. The can said “Paint and Primer in One”.

Perfect! Only two coats. I could have the whole thing done in two days…

Seven coats later, it’s finally done. That being said, there has been nothing note worthy going on in the house, cooking, laundry and painting. It looks like a disaster at the moment.

The barn is still where most of the action is and even then it’s gotten quiet with the cold weather and arrival of Elvis.

I have yet to figure out who the Egg Eating Clucker is. I’ve been making a few extra trips to the coop to see. This has also spurred me into coming up with some sort of scratch grain pecking block that will include some extra calcium and such. If it turns out and works maybe that will cure the problem so I don’t have to remove the bird.


Elvis is doing really well. Feeding well and seems like a happy little guy. He always comes over and rubs his head on my leg, looking for some scratching and attention. It’s cute for now… in about 500 lbs. it might not be.


Lucy looks so skinny now. She’s healthy just not pregnant. She was a little cow before and now she looks really small!

Louise (Wheezy) is still a jumpy little thing. She has more spunk than most cows I’ve seen.

I also figured out why I have been having such a hard time keeping my straw bales nice and neat. Someone has been eating them through the fence!

Wheezy - http://wildflowerfarm.org

“Wasn’t me…” -Wheezy

wheezy- http://wildflowerfarm.org

“Ok, so maybe it was…”- Wheezy

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