Tales of the Pregnant Farmer- The Passing of the Pitch Fork

Pitch forkWell, it’s official. I have taken a temporary “leave of absence” from barn chores. My hard working husband now has to work even harder for a little while. It has been a little over a week now. He is doing a great job; not that there was any doubt. I did the chores as long as I could but with only a couple weeks left it was time.

The other day he cleaned the barn out really good. When he was done he came to the house to have me come out and see. It was so nice outside! He let me put the fresh straw down for the cows. That was nice. I got to feel like I helped a little, even if it is a job that our little boy could handle.

We took a walk out in the corral and checked out the herd; all three of them. Everyone is doing well there.

Mike cleaned the chicken coop too. The girls are all looking good and happy too. They were lined up for a dust bath outside.

Now we are just waiting…

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