Elvis Escapes… Again

Oh for heavens sake! One more time and I am going to put a bale of hay in front of the kitchen window and call it good.

Elvis is out again. I don’t even get the post done about him getting out a few times over the past couple days and here he is again!


The little boy was covered in his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and now in need of a clean diaper as well. The little miss was upset she had to be on the floor for some stretching time, company was on their way and there’s Elvis just out the kitchen window. As every good mother would do (sarcastic), I dropped everything,  tucked my pants into my barn boots, threw on my oversized flannel and ran out the door.

I grabbed a bucket of grain from the barn and a rope halter and headed towards Elvis. Trying to get a cow back into the corral when he is enjoying the front yard can be a task in itself; trying to do it with two dogs who are less than helpful (to put it very graciously) when it comes to any animal, will make you crazy! But I managed, without too much trouble.

The little guy found a few loose wires in the fence and has very little trouble wiggling through.

Later in the evening, our friends were over and there was Elvis, again.

“Elvis is out.” I said with a sigh. Mike and Josh, went out to put him back with the “herd”.

The next day was the same thing; Elvis is in the front yard, send him back inside the fence and out he comes a little while later.

This morning, there I am making breakfast and here comes Elvis to check things over. Until I can fix the fence this weekend, he has permission to be in the front yard and by the barn. He knows where he is supposed to be and how to get there. When he looks like he might start wandering east he needs to be sent back the other direction. I don’t want him at the neighbors or worse, on the road.

Of course this is the time he takes a second look down the driveway. Out I go, rope in hand, pink bathrobe, and shoes that resemble a ballet slipper rather than a barn boot. He knows the drill by now, but he also likes to keep a little distance between us in hopes for a treat to coax him back. Today I grabbed a fresh bale of hay and tossed it over the fence by where he has been escaping. (If the neighbors could see the things that go on over here, they’d think I was nuts!) Lucy and Wheezy came running; it’s always a fight for the freshest hay. It wasn’t too much later and Elvis wanders over for a quick scratching and through the fence he went to get his share.

I just washed my robe. (sigh) I think it will just stay the way it is with a few stray pieces of hay stuck to it for now, as I’m sure I will be making the trip out again.

I’m just going to put these sign on my amazon wish list. I’m sure it wont be the last time someone gets out and I’d rather they not get run over in the yard. A “watch for cows” sign might be a good warning.

He's friendly but it will get people watching for him anyway
He’s friendly but it will get people watching for him anyway

Or maybe this one.

cow sign 2


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