A Farm Year

Spring! It's so close!

For me, a year on the farm begins in the spring, not with the calendar year. The spring is a fresh start outside, seedlings in the ground,  there are new babies in all the barns and new lessons to be learned. Looking back over the last “farm year” a lot has happened and a lot was learned.

The key to a perfectly straight fence line is a particular father and brother helping… A LOT! – Pounding Posts

Plans will change more times than I’d like to count before a project will begin and then a few more times before it is complete.- Fencing, Chicken Coop

Rocks look nice in flower beds but are not too fun to move from the pile to the garden. – Of Rocks and Friends

Gutters matter! Without them you will spend day and night sopping water out of the basement and running the sump pump. – How High’s The Water Mama?

Baby chicks die without reason. If caught in time they can be saved with some extra care…sometimes. – Saving Penny

If you bottle your wine too soon it will pop the corks and shoot across the dining room. – Dandelion Wine

Too much excitement the first time in the yard can give a guinea hen a heart attack. – More Than the Heart Could Handle

Screw worm spray kills maggots in open wounds and helps the healing process along. – Wilma Update

Always be sure you know what breed you are buying and it’s one you want on the farm. – The Fatties

Know how kill traps work and don’t test the sensitivity with your hand. –Moving Back to the City

If you want to train a cow, you have to be more stubborn than the cow. Hang on to the rope and watch for the horns.- Lucy

When butchering chickens it is very helpful to have lots of good help and a chicken plucker; even if they are too small. – Butchering Day

We have a the first calf born on the WildFlower Farm. – Elvis is in the Barn

How I put a stop to the chickens eating the eggs with mustard and a chicken brick.

Being a pregnant farmer is an adventure all it’s own. – Tales of the Pregnant Farmer

Having a baby on the farm is quite an adventure too. – All in a Day’s Work

Now it’s spring, once again, bringing the fresh start to a new year. We have 150 chickens, 16 turkeys and 3 ducks on their way! Maybe another calf too. As well as a few surprises to be shared later (very exciting!).



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