Ma’ Boys

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year. A hydrant or well of some sort in the barn seemed logical. It was on our “to do” list for the season and would be really handy, especially in the winter. Then we wouldn’t be watering the animals by five gallon buckets from the kitchen sink when it’s 50 below. He didn’t think that was an appropriate gift and did a little searching on his own.

A month later, my birthday gift was weaned and we set out on a 3 hour drive to pick them up. A large dog kennel in the back of my SUV and we were on the road.

“The Boys”. Clyde and Lyle.

Two little myotonic goats; also known as fainting goats. Yes, I had them named long before we went to get them. Mike spilled the beans one night and let me pick out which two I wanted, with one stipulation: one had to be named Lyle. I picked Clyde. Then we pick out the goats and decided who was who. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

Clyde and Lyle - Fainting Goats
Clyde and Lyle – Fainting Goats

From then on we had another project on the list. Build a goat house and pen before they arrive. Aside from the cattle panels, we patched everything together with bits and pieces from around the farm. The base of the house was a couple heavy pallets, the studs were scraps from previous projects and the walls were some OSB that was a wind block in the barn. The roof Mike came up with from somewhere. A little barn red paint and it was ready to go! The pen was easy; pound a few posts and tie the panels on and done.

Goats are busy creatures and appreciate a playground of sorts. For now they’ve got an old wire spool and a tire that I dug out of the woods. I’m not sure why is was there in the first place but it was on the list of yard clean-up duties, so it worked out well.

Last summer I was cleaning under the deck and found an old metal table top. For whatever reason I washed it off and put it in the barn for safe keeping or something. That turned into the roof on the hay feeder, that consisted of some scrap 1×4’s and a wooden shipping box I had scavenged with the plan to use for starting plants in. It will serve the goats a little better.

I am sure the excitement has just begun with these guys too!

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