Have You Seen My Goats?

We spent most of Sunday working around the farm. I worked some more on the never ending fence (it’s still not done by the way), mowed lawn, cleaned the coop and so on. Mike was busy with fire wood, tilling and digging rocks. We have been letting the goats wander the yard when we are home. They never go too far and can usually be found guarded by our shih tzu. It was getting closer to supper time and I had realized I hadn’t seen the boys around in a while. I checked all the usual places; the garden, the flowerbed, the front porch, the milk side of the barn, the coop. They were no where to be found. I grabbed the little boy’s sand pale, filled it with sunflower seeds and headed towards the neighbors. Walking over I started to think how ridiculous I am going to look, knocking on the door with my little pale of treats to lead the boys home with. Knock, Knock. “Hi. Have you seen my goats?” “No dear, it’s just the crazy lady from next door. This time her goats are missing. Sorry no goats here…” Luckily it didn’t go that far. I was halfway up their driveway when Mike called me back to the barn. “Listen” It sounded like one was in the barn by the hay. How in the world could he have made it there?! The hay is stacked pretty tight up against the barn wall, so we thought. They are small goats though so I s’pose  there is the possibility that they found a hole and fell. Right now where there is one, there is two. The boys are practically attached at the hip. barnopen This led to use asking “how are we going to get them out?”. The door that is there is screwed shut because, in keeping with the rest of the barn, it needs work and the hay is blocking it making it unusable anyway. Mike got the drill and unscrewed the door. When he bent back on of the boards next to it a little nose appeared. He sent me to get the other drill and we proceeded to remove a patch board from the side of the barn. Out scurried two little goats. Lyle Stuck After some investigation, we came to the conclusion that they must have walked around the south end of the bales and turned north at the corner. When the got to the first pole they were stuck because neither of them knew to back up. And the excitement begins… Where will they get stuck next? lyle 2

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  1. I’ve never had them get stuck in the barn, but I have had one get stuck in a tree, and that same one got stuck in a barrel with a little water in it. It went rolling around the pasture, screaming at the top of it’s lungs! Poor thing was in the Caprine version of a washing machine and you know what most goats’ opinion of water usually is!