Put Your Bra Back On and Go Clean the Kitchen


Seriously, who’s grand idea was it to keep the women folk working in town after the men came home from war? And then again when women started protesting for equal rights? Ladies you really messed things up for those of us who want to be home, tending the children and doing “women’s work”. Even with careful spending on a modest budget, most households need two incomes to make a go of it. There a very lucky few that can make with one but not nearly as many as there should be.

The women’s rights movement really didn’t do me any good. As far as I can tell I am worse off now than I would have been without they so called extra rights and feminism. I am a mother. Isn’t it my right to stay at home and raise my children? I am a wife. Isn’t it my right (and duty) to keep a clean house and serve my husband? (assuming he doesn’t let that go to his head.) That’s my God given right and it has been taken away by man, women actually.

Equality is what was asked for and for the most part was what we got, but not without cost. The negative effects can be seen every day and for the most part not many take the time to notice. It affects our relationships, marriages, children, health and environment. Think about it…

“Chivalry is dead.” I hear it all too often. Well guess what?!  You killed it with your need for equality! Some girl wants the door held open or a real “pick me up for dinner” date. Well if you want to be treated as an equal then you will be treat as “one of the guys”. What will that get you? A slap on the ass and a that-a-boy! That doesn’t come with sweet sentiments and kind words, it comes with noxious gas from both ends. It may not be right it’s too commonly true. (There’s always a couple exceptions) You know there was a time when being treated like a lady actually meant something. And the women actually acted like ladies?! Amazing!

Go through some old photographs, the more casual candid shots, you will find shy smiles or a smirk. The poses are relaxed and natural. Now look at the photos taken today, an obnoxious amount of “selfies” with “duck lips” and flipping the camera the bird. What the heck are people thinking?! Seriously, where is your head?!

I would like to think this kind of nonsense would not be nearly this prevalent is there was a little more respect and attention to who the audience is. That begins at home with a parent that is actually paying attention to the child, actively engaging with them and teaching what them what it is to be respectful, have ethics and for heaven’s sake think. Use your head for more than a hat rest. I see parents so busy with their day jobs and extra activities that they are too busy to take time and really be with their families. There is a difference here folks. You can have the whole family in the living room and not have “family time”. Unplug, have family meals and notice each other for the next month, you will be amazed at the things you can learn from (and about) each other. I guarantee it will strengthen your relationships.

Family meals have changed a lot in the last few decades. Cooking is becoming something of the past I read recently. How amazingly sad is that?! I can’t imagine sending my children out into the world unable to make a decent meal by themselves. Happy, healthy, and capable is the goal we have for our children. They don’t have to be rich or successful at anything in particular. All of that again begins at home, with a parent willing to take the time to teach (and in this day learn and then teach).

Important basic life skills are not being handed down because there is no one home to give or receive them.

Then there is the argument “I work so I have my own money to shop (or whatever)”. Marriage is when two people become one. There is no “yours” and “mine” any more, it is “ours”. You are in it together. When one falls, both fall and both should help each other up. If you need extra money to spend frivolously, discuss it and budget for it. If the money isn’t there, do you really need whatever it is you want right now? Can it be saved up for, to be purchased later? Arguments involving money coupled with lack of real communication is one of the top causes of divorce. Again this is at home, where we should be mentally present as well as physically. When the little bit of time at home is spent hurriedly cleaning, doing laundry, whipping up whatever frozen/boxed dinner, there is little time, if any, left to be together as family time.

Keeping a household together is a full time job with overtime. How is anyone supposed to keep up on the cooking, cleaning, laundry, children, garden, lawn, animals and so on, when they are already working full time in town? I am a firm believer in “to do” lists. I can get a whole lot done if I have a list. Even I get to a point where it is just not physically possible to add any more minutes to the day. Talk about frustrating. Holy cows!

I have no problem doing “women’s work”. Don’t even think about telling me to do it though, that will get you in a bit of hot water. I know my place, I’ve read the bible. I have yet to figure out how to make all this work. I will get there…maybe. For now I am blaming all those bra burning… ladies (and the overuse of electronic technology) for the majority of the problems we are experiencing these days. Humph!!

Not to mention, if the majority of women were removed from the workforce, there would be plenty of jobs available for the men on the unemployment list. There. The unemployment rate would drop considerably, the kids these days would once again be taught a little respect and a work ethic ( I would hope), causing crime to go down, school grades to go up and we would begin to see a generation capable of taking care of themselves and there neighbors once again.


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