… and Scarlet

For my birthday I received 2 fainting goats; Clyde and Lyle. That was going to be it for goats on the farm, well so we thought. As we made friends with The Boy’s we began thinking how fun it would be to have another and maybe another. And there you have it, a couple more goats have made their home on the farm.

Last weekend we made the trip to Big Wheel Fainting Goat Ranch and brought home two more. Scarlet and Hank.

And Scarlet

Scarlet has made her home with the Boys. She is such a doll!

I didn’t realize how used to hearing the voices of Clyde and Lyle I was until we brought home Hank and Scarlet. She sounds like a girl and notices if you slip out of the house. Immediately, she starts calling. It works every time. We go over and say hello and usually she gets a soda cracker. They are her favorite.

She was one of 4 kids and was a bottle baby because of it. The extra attention she was given has made her love people from what I can tell. She walks the yard with me and heals better that the best bird dog. She will not let her side leave my leg.


Scarlet 2

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