T’was the day before Christmas

Christmas tree

T’was the day before Christmas, and all through the house
Mama was scurrying fast as a mouse.
The church clothes were hung in the laundry with care,
In hopes they stay clean for the children to wear.
The children were quiet, a mysterious noise,
My only hope is they are playing with toys.
in my apron and Pa in his cap,
She said “there’s no time for a Christmas eve nap”.
Then on the back deck, there arose such a clatter,
ran to the door to see what was the matter.
The dogs had come home and wanted inside,
One rolled in something that smells like it died.
After the children’s baths were through,
She lined up the dogs and gave them one too.
Then out to the barn, where the animals stay,
Ma filled up their water and fed them some hay.
On to the chickens to give them scratch grain,
To collect the day dozen eggs that’d been laid.
Back to the house, in the Ma came,
She whistled then shouted each child’s name:
Now Cyril, Now Mya, Now Luke and Scout!
And Deklyn, And Syndal and Michael Come out!
Take your clothes from the laundry, there’s no time to stall.
For heaven’s sake, who left their shoes in the hall?!”
The house has been cleaned twice already that day,
It will need it a third before we go pray.
More dusting and sweeping and straightening the rug.
“Don’t pig pile your sister! You give her a hug!”
Everyone together, let’s quick set the table,
We need to get moving, as fast as you’re able.
Let’s get in the car, it’s time to go.
Bring your hats and mittens, it’s starting to snow.
Christmas carols are sung on the way to church.
We made it on time! That’s sure a first.
Bowing our heads and kneeling to pray,
We thank God for the gift he gave us that day.
For our family and health and food on the table,
The birds in the coop and cows in the stable.
Out in the snow, back home we go.
Pajamas for all, as they jump into bed,
There’s great anticipation for St. Nick and his sled.
Carrots for the reindeer and cookies on the plate,
I hope Santa can stay that late.
The gifts were all wrapped and hidden with care,
Now if only St. Nick could remember where.
The cookies, now gone and the reindeer are fed.
Finally Pa and I can drift off to bed.
We look at each other as we turn off the light,
“Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”
Then a jingle of bells and the patter of feet,
Bright, gleaming faces, prove it’s worth the lack of sleep.


May your new year be filled with blessings to be counted, good health, family, friends and happy memories!

Merry Christmas!


Hopefully my writing will pick up once again after the holidays as well.

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