Tales of the Pregnant Farmer is Back!

I’m happy to announce that Tales of the Pregnant Farmer will be starting again. The morning I got two positive tests, yes two, I didn’t believe the first, I was out catching chickens. Starting this pregnancy off right, again!

Here’s weeks leading up to now…

Chores were done in the usual, high class fashion, at 5 am that morning. My best bedhead, bath robe, barn coat and boots. Classy! There was nothing out of the ordinary with that morning’s routine other than I had to catch 3-4 chickens to bring to town to be sold before work. I must say my chicken catching skills have greatly improved since last fall. It didn’t take too long to have the ladies in the crate and ready for town.

A few days later…

I’m not going to claim pregnancy brain as of yet, even though most days I think I’ve lost my memory and mind when our oldest came along, I’m holding out hope anyway. I was having a usual day at work, nothing exciting to speak of, when my husband called.

“Did you use the back door this morning?”

“Probably? I assume so. I don’t remember I guess.” (I did remember later, yes I went out on the porch to get a trellis for a plant that was drooping.)

“The door was wide open. Did you leave the dogs out?”

“Yes, the two big ones.”

Apparently they were all outside and the cat who lives in the barn had ventured into the house. He wasn’t in there when Mike arrived, but the evidence was stuck to his foot. The little fella must have really been snooping, because when he was found outside he was attached to a sticky mouse trap. Better than a snap trap I guess.

So after we got all that figured out and gave a second thought to the furnace that was most likely running all morning. I hung up and continued working. Not too long after the phone rang again.

“You must have been sleep walking this morning; the gate was open in the barn too.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake!”

The cows were out in the corral and if any of them would have wandered that direction it would have been the boys and they would have just hung out and ate hay off the stack. Thank goodness.

The little boy was a breeze. The little Miss was a physical challenge between chores and dress (the Christmas party incident). Number three could be quite a doozey at this rate!




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  1. Well, congratulations to you! I was number three in our family, and quite a surprise to my parents. Although my family didn’t live where you do until I was around three, it was a great place to be a young child. I had a swing in a big tree near the driveway and house and my lamb Lambie and dog Ring followed me around the yard. I hope your kids, too, will find that it’s a great place to be a child.

    1. Thank you! We are pretty excited. Our oldest is 2 1/2 and loves to be outside. Anyone that comes he’s got to show off his animals. Next summer will be busy when our second is walking (or running) behind her brother. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!