Living with Passion

I’ve often wished I had the passion for something the way some people do. They live to cook or hunt or something with cars or sports or whatever. They tunnel into this certain passion full steam ahead and that is what they do. There is no question about it. If they aren’t making a living at it, they spend as much time as possible outside of work pursuing such activities. I don’t doubt that I would be easier to handle for my husband and my family as well if I would just focus solely on one thing.

I’m going to be a chicken farmer or vegetable gardener or tack maker or train milking Dexter cows.

See I can’t even pick one example! That’s when I realized I don’t have a tunnel. Ok, I knew I didn’t have one because I can’t focus on just one thing. I really don’t have one. I have passion alright. I have a wide open never ending passion. An all-encompassing passion. You could say I have a passion for living, not the staying alive living but really living. Using every talent I may (or may not) have to the absolute fullest extent. Exploring every new possibility and living life like every day has potential to be a great adventure. It’s exhausting really.

I have been working towards milking Lucy. It’s been a journey alright. I make five steps forward, and then take eight steps back. I’ve had her walking with me on a lead rope for a daily routine. It was going great. Then I got too pregnant, had a baby and had to take a break. When I was able to get started working with her again, we were gaining ground and then shipped her down the road to be bred. She’s wild again and I’m pregnant again! Some days I think the stars are lined up against me. It’s going to work out at some point. I built the stanchion last fall and if it’s not Lucy in there it will be someone else. I’ve thought about getting a heifer calf. Raising her and breading her and then she will be stanchion ready. For how friendly G.W. is just from being raised with us since the very beginning, it seems like that would be the route to take with a heifer.

Either way, Lucy or new heifer, the end result of a daily cow milking hasn’t been a smooth path. There’s been plenty of work along the way- fencing, haying, getting water in the barn, daily training sessions (who’s training who is not always obvious) and the journey is still not complete. That’s just one time consuming passion.

I don’t want to just make a great loaf of bread. I want to plow the soil, plant the wheat, harvest the grain, grind the grain, make the sour dough starter, cut the wood to start the fire, to bake the great loaf of bread!

The pieces are in place for the bread dream. I have a plot of land to work and the seed catalogue to get some heirloom wheat seed. The sourdough starter is bubbling on the counter; I just need to keep it alive until next fall. There will be a perfect deadfall tree that I can chop for kindling and the old fashioned wood fire cook stove is in place and ready for use in the living room. Yes, I have a stove in our living room. I really, really wanted to cook on it and placing it in the kitchen will require a remodel that is years away. So we (my husband and our neighbor) took out the potbelly stove and put in the cook stove, this way I have a working chimney and can bake away!

Just those couple examples explain why I think my family would prefer me to have one passion. I have simple goals with a complicated road which usually requires help along the way; a lot of heavy lifting and construction. The complicated road makes for a great story. It’s a constant chance to learn something new and hey, it brings the family together! Everyone loves to come butcher chickens! (Slightly sarcastic) It does get everyone together which is really important. As our lives get busier my little adventures give us a chance to make time to get together between yearly Christmas dinners.

Everything is possible when it is viewed as a challenge and not hard. Hard equates to whiney difficult which is the end of the road for some. Just by changing that one word, the view of the situation changes and with any luck an attitude change too. The feeling of defeat is changed to a willingness to try.

Have I mentioned we are going to raise ducks this spring?!

Crazy? Maybe sometimes. Passionate? Almost always. Need a nap? Yes.



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