Opening New Garden Ground

So last year we didn’t get to put in a garden, instead I watched progress on another that I pass on my drive to work. We changed our plans as to where the garden was going to go so nothing was planted. The year before I was too excited to get planting and things didn’t turn out well. You can bet I am itching to get back out there. I’ve got my seed list ordered. I cut way back from the initial list I had planned. It was a little disappointing but I just added them to the 2017 garden plans (yes, I have already started those too.)

With none of my own planting to tend last year I got my “gardening fix” as best I could through reading all sorts of farm and garden books. It’s always a good time to learn something new! All that reading has both complicated and simplified my garden planning. I now have spreadsheet upon spreadsheet that I used to put my garden map together. It started with planning the CSA gardens. Everything I have read about running a successful CSA comes back to precise planning and lots of record keeping. My plan is to have CSA shares available for the summer of 2017, for that to happen I needed to start some serious planning in the fall of 2015. I know it seems like a long ways off but seeing the binder of spreadsheets I’ve got started, well, it’s a good thing I started when I did!

Those spreadsheets and maps will only take me so far. There comes a time when I just need to get out there and plant. That is what this summer is for. Planning this summer’s garden wasn’t quite as challenging as the one for next year for a few reasons: there is less to plant, the growing season will be shorter and there is less successional planting to do for our family garden.

My focus for the family garden is some vegetables for fresh eating but the majority for preserving for winter. The focus for the CSA is the opposite, all for fresh eating and weekly harvests achieved through successional planting. Even with different purposes I will still get the missing information I will need this year to complete my plans for next year.

This year’s growing season will be shorter only because we moved the plot (twice now) since last year. Plowing new ground takes some time… and a tractor with a plow. We can make the time but will need to borrow a tractor. The family garden will be planted as soon as the ground is tilled- not the smartest plan, but I can only be so patient. The CSA plots will get tended and maintained for the summer to encourage soil health for optimum vegetable growth next year- the more correct way to go about a new garden plot.

Then there’s more fencing to do as well! The garden space is going to need a fence. A good one. There is plenty of wildlife that would love the opportunity to graze fresh vegetable as soon as they come available. That’s not okay. So a fencing we will go. It really is never ending when it comes to fencing.

But first things first, we still have some cleanup to do from the previous owners. That’s where we’ve started. We measured and flagged where the garden is going to go. Then started taking down the old garden fences that look to have been abandoned long ago. The grass has overtaken the garden mesh. Half the posts are rotted off and the others are “well-planted” and will need a bit more force to remove.

Every time we are up there good progress is made and at this point that’s all we can hope for. Just keep working on it. I can envision the end result and it’s going to be worth it!

One of many grown-in garden fences to remove
One of many grown-in garden fences to remove
The little miss "helping" during nap time.
The little miss “helping” during nap time. (and a 28 week pregnant mama)

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