Tales of the Pregnant Farmer: The Gloves Are On Top


All the due dates had past and I was thoroughly annoyed that baby was late as well as being incredibly uncomfortable. By chance the midwives were in town and said they would stop up and check on baby and I. Molly offered some herbs that were known to get labor going quickly. It didn’t take me long to decide that “yes, I would love to give them a try.” Black and blue cohash thinned down with some others. With the herbs came a strict warning that I was to let them know if anything happened because they are super potent and work quickly and I work quickly anyways as we found out with the Little Miss.  

Excited to get this baby out I was still a bit hesitant because I knew what I was about to put myself through and seriously, our oldest just turned three… we’re a little busy. Taking into consideration the warning and knowing the midwives were in town waiting on another baby I waited until the next day to start the herbs, calling in “sick” with a “still no baby” news. Most of the day was spent trying to use the anxious energy- cleaning, doing laundry etc.

Finally labor seemed to start…maybe? By this point I was pretty sure this kid wasn’t going to arrive until he was two. I was texting with Molly and Rebekah (the midwives) giving them random updates with no real news to share.

It was supper time and I finally decided that maybe we should see if we could send the kids to my parents; a hopeful  “just in case”. I have never seen my mother drive so fast down our driveway or any road of comparable length and by the look on my dad’s face, from the passenger’s, seat neither had he. We will blame it on her new set of wheels and grandbaby excitement. I let the girls know that the kids were gone. Just keeping them in the loop I guess.

Mike was calmly sifting through the tub of birthing supplies.

“Gloves? Where are the gloves?” (remembering that he was without for the last baby)

“They are on top. Your looking for an individual packet and not a box.”

“Oh, okay, here. Clamps? I don’t see any clamps.”

“They’re in there in a ziplock.”

And so on… He knows how fast a baby can come and was prepared for this one.

About a half hour after the kids left the Rebekah and Molly arrived along with two doulas in training. After meeting the doulas and visiting for a short minute I decided I was going to take a quick shower and they could make themselves at home. About ten minutes into the shower (so I was told, time all of a sudden meant nothing at that point) “Okay, I think I may need some help” I called. The door swung open and all of a sudden there was stadium seating in our little bathroom. I had no idea six people could fit in there at the same time, but they did (I’m not sure how comfortably).

I think someone asked if the water could be turned off and I must have said “no” because a second shower curtain was brought in for those in the “splash zone”. (Molly and Rebekah, if you’re reading this and if we end up in this situation again just shut off the water.) Then a couple minutes of skippable bloody details and there was a baby!

That makes for seven people in the bathroom for those keeping track.

A healthy baby boy, screaming his tiny lungs out announcing to the would that he may be late but he was most certainly here! In fact I don’t think I have heard him cry that much since that that night. Thank goodness!

Since the initial announcement of this pregnancy there has been much anticipation and speculation of what the birth story would entail this time.
-Are you going to have it in the barn this time?
-Will you wait for the midwife to arrive or is Mike going to deliver this one too?
-Are you just going to deliver this one yourself?
Once the due dates past the questions turned to:
-You’re still pregnant?!
-What day are you getting induced?
A quick answer to each of these:
The barn would only be by accident even though Mike had mentioned that he would put down some fresh straw for me and the clean-up would be much easier. Ha!
We were trying to wait for the midwife the last time but I unknowingly didn’t give her enough time to make the hour and a half drive. (she did battle a nasty blizzard and made it record time anyway.)
I could probably deliver it myself assuming that everything went a easily and quickly as before and it would probably happen in the barn if it were going to be that much of a surprise. I don’t want to find that out though.
The last two I think I have covered in previous posts.

So this may not be the grand story that was anticipated but the fact that the ladies made before the baby was very exciting for us!

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