Sweet Caroline

I budget all of our household expenses and we do a pretty good job at sticking to it as there’s not much room for error at the moment. That being said, in the event that I fill a wedding cake order or something of the sort that gives us some unexpected income I usually tuck it away for an emergency or make an extra payment on a loan; something responsible. But every once in a while I blow it on a “want” rather than a “need” and that’s exactly what I just did. I like to think of this purchase as an investment though, it will contribute financially (hopefully) as well as in the kitchen.

I bought another cow.

We named her Sweet Caroline. She’s the cutest little red heifer. Her mother is a great milk cow from what I understand, putting out about 3 gallons a day with a good disposition, with any luck she will be just as good. I’ve started the adventure of halter breaking her now. With the experience of what to do and what not to do that I gained from working with Lucy and some more tips from others I’m hoping this one will go just as well if not better. She’s only been with us a couple days but has already warmed up to me pretty nicely.

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