Rest in Pieces

Today we say “goodbye” to a great little steer. Elvis and I have had “the talk” a few times and the day has come. Last night he was loaded into my uncle’s stock trailer accompanied by a few more with the same destination. I was both excited and sad as I filled out the butchers order form indicating how I would like him returned… little white packages. The freezer has been unplugged for most of the summer so the thought of it once again full and of our grass fed beef this time is pretty exciting. It will also be nice to not be calling mom “do you have an extra package of burger?” It happens often.

We had planned to butcher him ourselves this year but as fall grew closer we realized that it just wasn’t going to be possible at this time. I didn’t want to bring him elsewhere for processing, I don’t want anything to go to waste. I also know that I don’t have the time this fall to tan a hide and some of the other bigger projects that I would turn this cow into. From what I’ve heard the place he is going it pretty good so we will give them a shot and hopefully next year we will be better set up to take care of the next with the same freezer fate.

Rest in pieces little buddy! We will miss you in the barn but are thankful you will grace our table.

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