Thankful Thoughts of Favorite Things

Living on the farm is not all blue skies and butterflies. There’s a lot of hard work and sometimes it rains on your hay. But even the soggy days are speckled with my favorite things.

  1. Hearing the roosters crow in the early morning calm when the windows are cracked.
  2. Watching the spring calves pounce through the  spring pasture.
  3. Losing sight of the calves because the pasture grass is taller than they are.
  4. Catching the right moment to see eggs hatch.
  5. Our weathered, big, red barn.
  6. The view from the top of the hill in the hay field.
  7. Collecting fresh eggs in the evening.
  8. Hearing the song birds in the afternoon.
  9. The smell of fresh cut hay in the breeze.
  10. Anticipation of the miracles that will sprout from freshly turned soil.
  11. Freshly turned soil.
  12. Coffee percolated on the wood fire cook stove on a cold morning.

Just to name a couple.

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