So I Made Pie


It’s been a long time since I’ve talked with a dear friend. Years, to be honest. In fact I think the last time we hung out I could have killed us both if it weren’t for Jane stopping us before we left the bar parking lot. Not the brightest decision I ever made, the angels were watching over us that night. It was a fun night of bad karaoke, Jack Daniels and a polka if I remember correctly. Years leading up to that had plenty of good times, shooting clays in the gravel pit, four-wheeling and so on.

A lot has changed since then, life sent us other directions which is expected. The news a few years ago that a pace maker was needed was a surprise. More recently the news of him in need of a heart transplant caught me completely off guard. It’s not news that you hear every day or if you’re lucky never in a lifetime and especially about a friend so young. I sent a message “we’ll be praying for you” and that’s what we did. What else is there to do in a situation like this?

Even praying about it comes with a little more anxiety and thought than usual. He needs a heart. He has a heart of gold, but he needs a real heart. You always want the best for a friend or family member and that’s what you pray for. But how do you pray for the best for one when you know somewhere it will cause pain to another? I pray anyway. I pray that he gets a healthy heart and I pray that the one who’s left the world to give it to him goes in peace and their family is at peace too. Yes, I pray for peace and a healthy heart.

Last week Jane told me she was going to go to the cities and visit him and his mom at the hospital and agreed to bring something down from me when she goes. I figured I’d send a card and if I could find an old picture I could send that too. I didn’t find the picture I was looking for. It’s probably in a box under the stairs I didn’t get that far. Instead I made pie.

It was about time for me to leave work yesterday and drop the card off at Jane’s. I hadn’t written in it yet. What do you say in times like this? I don’t know. I called my mom and asked her. “Thinking of you” was deemed appropriate. I had the note card on my desk, it’s not a big card but those three words would have left it pretty empty and I like words. So I texted my best friend.

A- What do you say in a card to someone waiting for a new heart? Get well soon and hope you feel better seem inappropriate. I’ve already said we will pray for you. Maybe I should just skip the card
N- Is it family? Close Friend?
A- It’s Mike (…)
A- I made a pie. Maybe that will say enough
N- The pie is good.
A-Yes, pie is good.
N-You can say praying for you. That’s appropriate

When it comes to writing I’m not usually at a loss for words but every once in a while words just don’t cut it. This is one of those times. There are just no words that seem right. So I made pie.

I’m not an emotional eater more of an emotional starver if anything but there is something special about a homemade apple pie. It may not cure what ails you and it won’t change a situation but there is something comforting about it, even if it just sits on the counter. So I made pie.

I did end up writing in the card. Words. The only words I could find that seemed appropriate and sent the note with the pie.

I don’t know the right words say right now.
So I made pie.
Still Praying



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