It’s Only Powder

Most mom’s I’ve talked to love their mini-vans. That’s…um…no. I don’t love our van. I appreciate that it holds the number of car seats and baby carriers that our family needs, it’s clean (as much as it can be with kids), I don’t have to do car-seat-yoga to get everyone in and buckled and it has been reliable. I get it… we need it at this point. That doesn’t mean I love it or even like it that much.

Mike went in to work about 2 am to start plowing. I was out to the barn shortly after 5, taking care of my chores and checking the snow to see what I was up against for drifts that morning. Not too bad, looked like a lot of powder. Nothing to be concerned about, so when Mike called and said he wasn’t going to make it home for breakfast as planned I wasn’t too worried that we weren’t going to be plowed out before I had to go to work.

After breakfast, putting in the pigtails that were insisted upon, brushing teeth and getting everyone bundled up for the cold we were out the door. Everyone was soon buckled in their assigned car seats and we were off. Hahaha. No. We were not off. We were spinning at 25 mph in reverse, going nowhere fast. With a little rocking I was able to back up enough to see there was no good reason for me to be not going anywhere.

Logical thinking kicked in: “if I can’t back directly up the slight hill and its only powder why not pull forward and turn around to go up the hill forward.” Simple enough.


Now I’m thoroughly stuck! The little boy is asking “What are you doing?” “Are we going to (daycare)?” “Why are we stuck?” “Are we still stuck?” Ahh! “Honey, please stop talking for a minute.” “Why?!”

I got out of the van and went stomping off to the barn for a shovel. By now the rickety barn door is pretty well drifted in, but after some wiggling and wedging I made my way in to realize the shovel is over by the chicken coop. So back out into the frozen tundra to the coop.  Shovel in hand I was headed back down the driveway just in time for a quick hello with the neighbor on his way home with the morning paper.

My inner sailor was starting to come out and I realized I should probably bring the kids to the house before I start expanding their vocabulary. I sent a text to work saying I would be late and one to daycare saying the same. I got everyone back out of the car and headed back to the house. Take off the snow gear, get them settled in and head back out.


“Hi. I’m stuck in the driveway. I’m late and pissed.”

“Ok. I will be on my way to come help.”


With Mike on his way I started shoveling. It was powder topped ice. I still couldn’t see any reason to be this stuck and proceeded to let Mother Nature and the beloved van know just what I was thinking about the whole situation. I don’t mind snow until something like this happens and then all bets are off.

Mike was greeted with “Hi. Just hook it up to the tractor and drag it down the driveway.”

“Well let’s see” he said.

He shoveled a bit more, then did a little plowing. With a fair amount of spinning tires, pushing and floor dry for extra traction we finally got it onto level ground. We got the kids bundled and buckled again. “Don’t let off the gas and have a good day. I will plow when I get home.”

We were finally on the road.

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