Damn Thing Gone Wild!

(sigh) Two weeks. Two weeks of not tying or walking the cow. That was all it took for Sweet Caroline to no longer allow me to walk up to her in the pasture and put the halter on her. In fact this morning I couldn’t even put the lead rope around her neck like I used to do when she was unsettled to keep her standing nicely so I could then halter her.

So disappointing.

The first week was my own fault. I didn’t get out there to work with her like I should have. The flu came to our house and I just didn’t make time to walk the cow too. The second week I am going to blame on G.W. the bull. We had a little go-‘round one morning when I went out there. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been but it left me with a sore back for a few days. After that we moved to a temporary three pen system.

The two girls that should be the first to calve in in the barn and run to the corral. Caroline, the bull and the steers were in the corral. Now poor Caroline is in her own pen so I can go work with her without riding G.W.

That transition wasn’t as smooth as it could have been either. I coaxed her out of the corral while the boys were busy eating. Once she got out of the gate she ran like someone left the gate open so to speak. She was running and kicking. She’s never acted like that before. I’m sure she had it in her but this was the first time I’ve seen it. (Aside from unloading her from the trailer the night we brought her home.)

“She’s through the fence!” I hollered at Mike who was at the other end of her pen. It was a loose two strand electric that wasn’t hot yet. It wasn’t the end of the world nor was she going to get hurt or lost. Even if she got out of her pen she would still be in the summer pasture. So we were safe there at least.

While Caroline was jumping fences the boys were having a fit in the corral; G.W. especially! He was stomping and kicking, then he’s rub his head on the ground, run a lap, snort then start over. The steers where following, though not quite as dramatic.

Once Caroline came back to the other side of the fence we turned the electric on and decided to let them all settle in and headed to the house.

A while later Mike looked out the kitchen window. “Oh boy. Here we go.” Caroline and the boys were running and I meaning running the fence line together. A hard stop and turn at each end. They were not loving the new arrangement but maybe they should have thought of that before.

I would have put her in with the girls. It would have been more convenient for watering and feeding hay but Caroline would have starved with them. Wheezy (Louise) the crabby bag, will not let Caroline near her or any food around.

For now she’s on her own and we are a few steps back. I have a suspicion that I’m not going to get her tied until I can get her in the barn. When I do finally get her haltered I’m going to have to start tying her again. Get her used to standing tied while I work around her.

That cow/calf/bull/steer shuffling ought to be interesting too.

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