First Calf of the Season-Margo

Lucy and Margo

What a crazy morning! Lucy had her calf, a little heifer I named Margo. The barn cat that we hadn’t seen since we brought him home two weeks ago finally decided to come out of hiding and let the whole family pet him. I’ve got two ducks sitting on eggs and a dozen in the incubator. Then the mailman calls and our chicks arrived already! I wasn’t expecting those until at least tonight if not tomorrow.

Here’s how it went:

I was rocking the little boy and it was time to do morning chores. The little miss was not about to lose her chance to go out to the barn. I told Mike to bring her with and I would be along shortly so he could get to work on time. They went out and not too long after the phone rang (yes another famous “Mikes in the barn” calls).

“Hey! Get out here quick!”

“OK. Bye!”

Mike has had me on calf watch with him for over a month now. I was pretty sure the first two wouldn’t arrive until May and he calculated March. We could use a head gate to contain the girls and to preg. check them to get a little more accurate timing. That aside, it was time… so I thought.

“Quick get your boots we’re going to the barn!” I told the little boy. He had a bewildered look cross his face. Usually the kids are being told “Stay in the house I’m going to the barn! You can watch out the window.” He hopped out of the rocking chair and put on his boots. Still not quite sure what was going on we were out the door.

“Lucy’s having her baby.”

Hand in hand we made our way to the barn. Everyone was outside as we rounded the corner there she was and wet little ball on the ground and mama standing over her.

“Ugh! I missed it!”

“We all did. I brought the others some hay and saw the black on the ground.”

Margo was still very new. Lucy was cleaning up her little one. We stood and watched, waiting for her to stand. She just laid and shivered in a ball. She needed to get up and eat but we said we’d give her an hour or so before we interfered. At this point Mike was already late for work so what’s a few more minutes.

In the mean time we went about finishing chores.

The barn cat is about a year old named Machka; phonetically spelled and translated as kitty in Croatian. We brought it home a couple weeks ago and are guessing it’s about a year old. We are also guessing “it” is a boy however that has yet to be confirmed. This is the first time since he’s been home that we’ve actually seen him up close. We knew he was in the barn because there was evidence of a bird eaten by a cat and his food dish was near empty every morning. The little boy wanted an orange cat and finally up in the hay loft the cat came out and we all got a chance to pet him.

Lucky’s nest


Then we thought Henrietta went missing. Lucky the other female duck has been sitting on a nest under a wire spool in the goat pen for a week or so now. When I didn’t see the runt of the flock I thought for sure she was fox supper. Then I heard a quack as we were making our way out of the barn. There was a little beak poking out from behind the goat house in the barn. She’d decided to sit on her little hidden nest too! I don’t know how optimistic I am that they will actually hatch anything just because they seem to be away for a fair amount of time during the day. We’ll see I guess.

With the kids back in the house and about 45 minutes had passed we decided it was time to try and help Margo up if she wasn’t up already. This way Mike could get to work and I wasn’t left to do it all by myself.

She wasn’t up.

Our cows don’t get any grain unless I need to bribe them to go somewhere. The girls got grain this morning. I gave them each a scoop of barley while Mike climbed into the pen and shifted the calf around a bit. She finally got her front knees under her. We stood back and up she went.

Once she got her first couple steps out of the way she was showing she had a good bit of energy as she hopped about. Lucy is a good cow mama. With each calf she’s had she’s been really good about getting them to eat. This was no exception. Little Margo had a milk mustache in no time!

To finish off the morning, shortly after 8 the mailman called. “Did you get our messages? Your chicks are at the post office.” “We will pick them up. Thank you!”

I am the first to admit I am the least reliable person to check voicemails. So much in fact that I know firsthand that if they sit in waiting long enough they will eventually delete themselves.

Through it all we had a late pancake breakfast and were on to starting the day.

Lucy and Margo

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