Family Wheat Planting

It took more days than I had hoped but all of the grain to be planted for the season is in the ground. You see when you plant by hand it takes a few extra hours. When you add children to the task those extra hours get spread out over extra days. Little by little we got it done though.

The original wheat field was planted first. I used a small handheld broadcaster. Mike followed me with a fifty pound bag of seed, refilling my seeder every pass, all the while asking “Are you walking in a straight line? It doesn’t look like it.” (sigh) Once I had it all seeded he used took the drag, the four-wheeler and one kid riding at a time they smoothed the whole thing.

First Wheat Field

That field is coming up nicely.

Then I had a few different specialty grains that I wanted to plant for seed stock for next year. Those were much smaller plots and not only require hand seeding but will require hand harvesting as well. I kept the little boy busy by giving him a packet of hulless oats to plant as he pleased. It worked out really well. He stayed busy while I planted my others. His spot will be obvious and heavily seeded. But that’s ok. He’s been praying for rain so his oats will grow. He’s got this farming thing down. Ha!

Last was the second wheat field. Again hand seeded with our not so little baby on my back. He was a (heavy) trooper. I highly recommend Amanda Lukes at Lukes Chiropractic and Wellness. (No affiliate here, she’s just really good.) The little guy and I got it seeded, again with Mike following with the bag of seed.

All this planting is hard work mama!


Once the seeding was done, Mike and the little Miss took the drag to it. I have to say it looks really good.

Now we pray for a great growing season and a good harvest!


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