Tales of the Pregnant Farmer: A Lesson From Matthew 6:10

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Proverbs 19:21

Don’t I know it! The amount of plans that I have carefully or carelessly put together that have gone up in smoke are endless. I plan all the time and most the time God says “Nope turn left” when I’m stepping right. For a great many years the change of plans that took me a direction I had not planned to go was quite frustrating. I had things to do, it says so on my list.

I pray all day long for what I would like to see happen and so far I’m not seeing the progress that I would hope. It’s discouraging. I’ve been putting in the prayer and the work that I think will make a difference and still I feel no closer to my goal than I did before. Which brings me to “Thy will be done.” Matthew 6:10

“Thy will be done.”

Let that sink in for a minute. Thy will, not my will. It’s a line in the Lord’s Prayer that can get lost very easily. I find myself saying it with a humbling sigh each time I toss my plans to the wind and let go.

I only have half the patience that I could use and easily get caught up in my full steam ahead plans. This state of mind has no regard for God’s plan or if it’s truly meant to be. I just dive in and go. I don’t intentionally just go without waiting to see if my next move is mine or God’s. I just go, I suppose that is where my carefully thought out ideas get careless.

Our latest news to share is just another great example of how God’s plans are above mine.

We are having another baby! We are excited, don’t get me wrong, but the timing is not what I would have chosen to be completely honest. When we found out about baby 4 our spring, summer and fall were pretty well planned:

-Our first year as beekeepers
-Spring calves and kids (baby cows and goats)
-Hatching chicks and ducklings
-Chicks and ducklings require extra attentive care for the first few weeks
-Deep cleaning the animal’s winter pens and reconfigure them for more efficiency for next year
-Planting- new hay field, my grain fields, the family garden, the market garden
-Butchering said chicks when they are grown
-Our growers contract for Baker Creek Seed Company
-Bringing produce and goods to the farmer’s market
-Tending the gardens
-Cutting and baling hay
-Harvesting the gardens and grains

And that’s the short list! I would say I’ve got a few reasons to question God’s timing of this baby. Each thing on the list I have a good reason for it to be there and not to cross it off and save it for next year. As you can now imagine “thy will be done” is being said a lot now.

This baby was sent to us after contracts were signed, orders were placed and so on. God knew my plans, for heaven’s sake He knew I was going to do this before I did! So now I walk around in a foggy cloud of “what do I need to get done next” and questioning “just what is all this leading up to?”

“Thy will be done.”

I know God has a plan. I’ve been blessed enough times to have seen things fall into place at the last moment just before they were to fall apart. They worked better than any plans I had tried to put together.

Here we go again! Hang on and enjoy the ride!

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