Here Comes Fall!

We have started to change seasons again. Spring and summer went faster than usual this year. I’m ready for fall though. I don’t mind the cold and appreciate the slower quieter times on the farm.

The overgrown garden row…

The garden harvest this year has been disappointing and mostly my fault. I should have been up there weeding and watering much more, this spring especially. We ended up reseeding almost the whole thing and even then it hasn’t been great. Our beans that should be done by now are just starting to flower, the red tomatoes are still green and the corn has tassels but I would be surprised if there was going to be any sweet corn to harvest. The farm animals might enjoy the stalks and tiny bits of corn they may find.

This years wheat

This year’s wheat harvest was pretty sad too really. Over half the crop was lost to lack of early rain and abundance of weeds instead. Milkweed and thistle make me swear now. It wasn’t a total loss I still have grain to clean, grind and bake with for the year, I just don’t have enough to sell as I had hoped.

Even though the crop harvest was less than I had hoped, we welcomed three healthy calves, two healthy kids of the baby goat kind, a handful of ducklings and more chicks than I should probably admit. The first cutting of hay was a record cutting and a blessing because the second cutting had to be burned in the field due to the crazy amount of late summer rain we’ve received. Considering the amount of wild fires to the west I’m sure not going to complain about rain!

Lucy and Margo

I love that the eggs in our kitchen came from our coop, the raspberries in my scones came from our berry patch, the honey from our hive, the wheat was grown in our field and ground to flour in our kitchen and if the cows and I weren’t due at the same time every year there’s potential for dairy products from our barn. Seriously, we’ve been on the farm for four years and for four years I’ve been planning to milk the cows. Every year the cows and I have been having babies at the same time.

This was our first year with a stand at the farmers market since we left Bismarck. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for the customers we have been graced with there. It has been so much fun. We weren’t able to be there every week and with our season coming to a close I can’t wait to be back there again in the spring.

There were plenty of ups and downs through the season but overall I would call it a success. I’ve already got next year’s wheat seed picked out and am almost done with the garden seed too. I am making plans to expand our farmers market stand as well. Hey, if every farmer quit farming after a season didn’t go as planned we would have starved to death a long time ago.

To say we are blessed is an amazing understatement, to say we are thankful is the same.

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