Duck, Duck, Chicken

Okay, so we all know it’s “duck, duck, grey duck”, but for today it’s chicken.

I was out cleaning the coop this morning and right in front of me a rough looking little red hen pecked a shell and proceeded to eat a scrambled egg. I’m all for good chicken feed and a eggs are a great source of protein and other healthy stuff (especially ours). But I’m not about to let the girls start (or continue) to eat eggs. We are not buying feed for them to turn around and eat the eggs too.

So I did what any good farmer would do. I reached into the laying box grabbed her by the neck and pulled her out. Then I got a hold of a leg and finally was able to tuck her wings in and hauled her to the barn. From there I stuck her nose in the ducks feed pan and set her down.

She’s on her own now. She can still have a pretty decent life in the barn. There’s food, water, shelter and plenty of hay to nest in. If she sticks close and follows the duck she should be fine.

This evening I did chores and collected eggs. There were nine would have been eleven for sure if it wasn’t for the barn chicken. However, the remains of the egg she started was completely gone so there is at least one more that may need rehoming.

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