Farmers Market Meals Made Easy

Its farmers market season. You drive through town and see a farmers market or down a country road there’s a roadside stand wouldn’t you love to stop and just snoop?!

And then you don’t. Why not? Maybe the thought is “What am I going to do with a bag of vegetables?” “My kids don’t eat vegetables.” “I don’t like salad.” Any of these relatable?

Don’t worry! You need to stop anyway!

You can sign up below for my Free Farmers Market Meal Recipes and each week you will receive an email with a couple recipes so you can pick out beautiful produce  with confidence knowing that they won’t go to waste! Did I mention they’re Free?!

The best part is you can find more than just vegetables at the market!

Each farmers market is different but if I made a list combining the things I have found at the markets I have been a part of over the years it would look something like this:

Beef, Bison, Chicken, Eggs, Lamb, Pork
Fruit, Flower Bouquets, Grains, Herbs, Potted Flowers and Herbs, Vegetables
Honey, Hummus, Jams, Jelly, Pesto, Pickles
Breads, Cookies, Croissants, Flatbread, Flavored Popcorn, Muffins, Pasta, Pies, Quiche, Scones, Tortillas
Aprons, Baskets, Knit Hats, Mittens and Scarves, Scrubbies, Towels, Washrags
Candles, Lip balm, Lotion, Soaps and Scrubs
Fine Wood Work Products, Metal Works, Blacksmith made products, Handmade Jewelry
And More!

Whew! That’s a lot!

If you have your handy Farmers Market Meal Recipes supper could be so easy! Sign up below!


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